Friday, April 4, 2014

DTD Update: The Entertainment Continues!

The darkened Pleasure Island sign at the entrance of the No. 4 Bridge; certainly consistent with last week's dark news that Mannequins and 8TRAX are being retrofitted into a restaurant.
The Island pedestrian bypass now has its own entertainment to keep things lively on the long walk around.
For a moment I thought I was in a London tube station.
Raglan Road always has a Irish band playing. Paradiso 37 has a Latin band.
At Splitsville there's nearly always one or two entertainers outside. More music is available outside House of Blues & Bongo's Cuban Cafe.
For the indefinite future the Waterside Stage is reserved for school groups performing nightly. Access is easier without the students getting tangled up in all the construction areas.
But if you're looking for Electronic Dance Music at Walt Disney World, look no further than when DJ Elliot (USA) performs at the Fountain Stage beside Earl of Sandwich.  He mixes Top 40 with a lot of EDM!
Just back from performing at Tokyo Disneyland Resort, DJ Elliot was working off these brand new decks!
It is called the "Kids Dance Party" so expect lots of kids.
During holiday weeks this place is packed!
Say what!
The other great entertainment option is at the Ring Stage between Planet Hollywood and AMC Downtown Disney 24 Dine-in Theaters. Acts such as Nova Pop and, pictured above, the Andre Caram Band perform here. 
Featuring singer Drey-C, the music selections were all EDM last night. With that portable piano hanging from his neck, he kind of reminded me of DJ duo Sultan & Ned Shepard (CDN) when I saw them in Toronto a few years ago!
Belting out an Avicii (S) song!
And at Downtown Disney last night, a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

Looks like Elliot bought the new Pioneer DDJ-SZ controller. It's the big brother to the DDJ-SX (like the one I have). The SZ is about 2 grand so I don't think I'll need one anytime soon. Some dudes just want the latest greatest. ;) I know several Djs that put their SX up for sale because they were upgrading to the SZ when it came out.

Anonymous said...

Knowing Elliot's connections, he probably got it at a discount!