Sunday, April 27, 2014

Club Reports: Suite B Lounge, Parallel Nightclub, Firestone Live

Began my Saturday night club tour at Suite B Lounge where an all-female DJ lineup was the plan including headliner DJ Jennifer Marley ( spotted outside!
Meanwhile inside, NLP DJ's Funkbaby and K8 were tag teaming in the booth!
Small crowd though compared to my expectations.
The music was Breakbeats and Old Skool Dance.
I always seem to miss Funkbaby's sets so I was pleased to finally get to hear her play!
The people that were here were definitely bouncing to the music!
Spotted: DJ Sandra Cruz had played earlier and stuck around to lead the dancing!
But I had people to see, places to go.  So moving on for a first time ever visit to Parallel Nightclub!
DJ C-Money (Circa Lounge, Axcess Event Center) was on the decks playing Hip Hop!
The place looks small from the outside but it's actually a huge room!
The dance floor didn't get particularly crowded here either last night.
If you're looking for fun on a Wednesday night, Parallel is all-EDM that night!
The venue exceeded my expectations!
Final stop was mega-club Firestone Live!
Another packed Saturday night!
For DJ Simon Patterson (GB)!
The entire show was non-vocal Trance!
The guy has played at Creamfields, Tomorrowland, EDC, Electric Zoo as well as having done the Essential Mix on BBC1.
Trance crowd!
The look of Trance!
The look of Trance as the music takes you up and then crashes down!
Firestone has good sightlines from all points in the club.  The stone walls that were on either side of the stage and blocked views from the edges have been removed.
Spotted in VIP: DJ J-13/Jason Carr (Suite B Lounge, Firestone Live, Bikkuri Lounge) with friends.
Firestone has Orlando's best light and sound systems by far!
And a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

where is parallels?

ClubMaster said...

Yeah Where is Parallels? Which former club did it take over? With EDM on Wednesdays I can check it out after having $1 drinks from Chillers.

KingBob said...

367 N Orange Avenue, across the street from the Bank of America tower. Formerly Limelight, which got a bad rep following the murder of a patron outside the club following an alleged altercation inside the club.