Sunday, April 13, 2014

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Sound Bar

Definitely great to be back in the United States of America and of course great to be back in Orlando! Following a week without any 80's music, had to make my first stop Independent Bar.
With DJ Indie John back in the control tower spinning mostly New Wave.
Celebrating yet another birthday!
Club was packed!
Can't say that downtown in general was super-crowded but I-Bar surely was!
The freshly-tiled raised platform also was popular.
Moving over to new-favorite Sound Bar.
Visiting with one half of DJ duo Fur Coat (YV) in the booth.
Super-crowded dance floor in here too.
Music was all House and Progressive House.
I got to see Fur Coat play at Electric Daisy Carnival - Puerto Rico a couple years ago.  They were on my list to watch that night because I just could not picture a "fur coat" in my mind on that hot, steamy San Juan evening!
After a week in the tropics, this slightly cool Orlando evening felt great.  And a good time was had by all, lol!


Anonymous said...

Michael Eisner's at Coachella right now. Went to a Skrillex concert. Just let that all sink in.

Perhaps if Eisner were still CEO this blog would have never exited to begin with because Pleasure Island would still be open.

KingBob said...

Can he come back and rescue us?

Actually, I'm semi-confident that Disney Springs will have some adult evening entertainment options that we'll like.