Wednesday, March 12, 2014

PI Update: New Mannequins Rumor

The now-forbidden land of Pleasure Island!
After more than 5 years of inaction, construction is going full blast with much of Island construction taking place in this corner where Motion and Rock'n'roll Beach club used to stand.
Schussler Creative's concept Boat House restaurant is going here. Have not seen any walls going up for the place though which will built partially over the water much like RRBC was.
Looking at it from the other direction, there is visible progress being made every week.
Meanwhile in the same area, this new building has some high walls up already but no windows. This building is directly behind where Fuego by Sosa Cigars used to stand.
8TRAX is still here, albeit with it's front bar area sliced off.   The main structure now lines-up evenly with the adjacent Mannequins building.
Mannequins itself is still here.  The outline of its former attached neighbor Changing Attitudes/Apricot Lane remains embedded on the club's concrete blocks.. And here's the new rumor:  One of our Island sources tells us that Mannequins is going to become an upscale steak house!!  Wow, that's almost as bad as my April Fools Day joke a couple years ago that it was becoming the world's first revolving IHOP
Big crowd at Mannequins waiting for the steak house to open!
Another construction area on the Island is here at the Lily Pad area.
On the near side we see what look two square planters and water pipes being laid.
Further back we see the circular design of something.  Perhaps this is that compass-design that was part of the Hyperion Wharf plans we discussed in an article last week. Return to the Blog tomorrow for a look at all the St Patrick's Day festivities taking place this weekend on Pleasure Island!


Jeff - Gainesville said...

Oh good grief!!!!!!

71 said...

Because nothing says "upscale steakhouse" like people in t-shirts and shorts and tons of strollers! Besides, any established steakhouse is going to prefer to be near the Convention Center--you know, like Mortons, Ruth's Chris, Capital Grill and Vito's already are.

Sounds like the new management for DTD have the same delusions as the old management.

Anonymous said...

Mannequins Chophouse!

Anonymous said...

If this rumor is true I hope they move the revolving dance floor to another building and reopen Mannequins Dance Palace or a dance club run by Disney like Mannequins. So far, VERY disappointed in the new management of DTD and NOT down with the hole mall look of the project.

Anonymous said...

OH BOY again! well its over PEOPLE! the clubs will not be coming back! will NOT by Disney! IF IF IF! one does it will cost you a lot to get in OR really high priced drinks
WATERED down drinks

Anonymous said...

Funny thing, people would PAY for high class and high end clubs.. just see how much a table or a bottle goes for in Vegas. Even the crap clubs in downtown Orlando can make a decent chunk of change...

But the larger point, Disney doesn't want the club element. They see more money in generic shopping and dining. We will see how it pans out in the end (hint, I doubt it will) but I do agree. If the floor does become available for sale, there are some folks who would be interested.

Thommy Sandvick said...

how appropriate! MDP always WAS a meat market!

KingBob said...

LOL Thommy! Especially on Thursday nights!