Tuesday, March 25, 2014

PI Update: Looking Back At BET Soundstage

BET Soundstage Club is the Pleasure Island nightclub that we talk the least about here on the Blog. It opened in 1989 where the short-lived Neon Armadillo operated and as the name indicates, was operated by Black Entertainment Television.
During its final years the contract with BET had expired so Disney operated it merely as Soundstage Club.
The entrance until the signs were finally removed in August, 2011.
With it's "microphone" sign, it occupied a commanding spot at West End Plaza. The entrance shown here was actually upstairs and when you entered, the dance floor and main bars were downstairs.
BET Soundstage Club rode the wave of the popularity of Hip Hop music during the late 90's and early 00's. The place was always packed and it could take a half hour to get a drink!  Ironically, the opening of Top 40 club Motion did the place in.  Hip Hop made up a disproportionate share of Top 40 music at the time so a lot of the same songs were being played over there.  With it's much larger dance floor and non-Hip Hop songs, that's where the crowd migrated.
Today the building still sits there and we don't know whether it will get renovated or demolished for Disney Springs.
But of the 4 clubs that remain standing on Pleasure Island, it's the only one that still has a sign up!

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