Thursday, March 13, 2014

PI Update: Irish Island

There's a number of places around Orlando where you can enjoy the luck of the Irish, but no one does it up better than Raglan Road on beautiful Pleasure Island!  The Mighty Festival is already underway and is sure to be extra crazy this weekend, culminating with St. Patrick's Day itself on Monday!
Raglan Road is home base for continuous Irish music nightly.
Last year the festivities spilled over into the Waterfront area adjacent Mannequins but that's not possible this year since it's in the construction zone.
Even Paradiso 37 gets into the Irish spirit!
Of course the entire Island goes green!
Tourism Ireland has a brochure booth on PI this year. I've been to Ireland and it really is as green as an Irish Spring soap commercial!
There is more Irish music at the Ring of Kerry Stage, better known as the AMC Stage.
Raglan Road has a souvenir stand over here too.
Kermit has gone green too!  Come check it all out, this weekend on Pleasure Island!


Anonymous said...

You never reported pictures of the pleasure island sign removed.

KingBob said...

The Blog did report its removal:

We did not go back to take a picture of the corner with the sign gone because there was nothing to see.