Tuesday, March 11, 2014

DTD Update: Disney Springs It Is!

We'll start this week's update with a visit to the new parking garage..
More than a few people have wondered whether Disney was really going to change the name of Downtown Disney to Disney Springs.  Most of the construction permits have carried the Disney Springs name on it but so far there had been no actual signs around DTD that carried the Disney Springs name.  Until now.  Concept art showing the new West Side Parking Garage is posted near the AMC Downtown Disney 24 Theaters and the sign does carry the Disney Springs name!
Here at the eastern end of the new garage, progress continues to be made.
That progress is most evident down on the western end where level 1 gets a ceiling by virtue of the level 2 getting its deck.
They want this garage open for the holidays and to make sure that happens, workers were doing their thing yesterday which was a Sunday.
In the Marketplace, construction continues on the new pedestrian causeway that will run from T-REX Cafe to Rainforest Cafe.
Equipment and supplies arrive nightly via barge.
The other new pedestrian causeway will link Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort with Downtown Disney Marketplace.  It's much longer and well-developed than what we reported a week ago.
Over on the West Side, concept art shows the new "highliner" trestle that will span one side of the sidewalk.  Designed to look like the former home of an elevated railroad track, the art shows partiers on and below the track.  We gotta hope there's something there to party with!
The Bongo's Lawn area is blocked off now for construction of the highliner.  Not sure if it will only exist along that lawn area or whether it will also extend towards Bongo's and House of Blues to the west and/or the new Starbucks to the east.  Stay tuned for more coverage.


Anonymous said...

Well mistake number one. (Besides closing the clubs.) People like the name Downtown Disney. It was allover the blogs when this project was announced. Let's hope they don't make mistake number two and short change us on adult nightlife. There's a revolving dance floor over there at "The Landing", Disney that is being withheld from making dreams come true for every guest. Here comes annual GayDays and once again The Parliament House will host thousands at its PI Welcome Party that should be held at Mannequins. Off the property we go again.

Anonymous said...

The real mistake, is that parking garage, that blocks the view of what should be a open invite welcome into a well designed shopping and retail section. Look at the concept artwork, the garage is horrible generic, doesn't say "Disney" at all on it in name or theme and it's frankly in the wrong spot. Most guests want to park over by World Of Disney, not by a bowling ally.

Anonymous said...

The second parking garage will be over near the marketplace section.

Kingbob said...

Anon, stores that make up Disney Springs will be built nearly all the way up to Buena Vista Drive so I expect there will be a lot of other scenery around. The garage will be themed. And yes, once this garage is operational a second garage is going to be built closer to World of Disney. Eventually, a new off ramp from westbound I-4 will lead directly to the garages.