Saturday, March 22, 2014

Club Reports: Vanity Nightclub, NV, The Lodge, Backbooth

A favorite pastime for me is downtown clubhopping; visit a club, have a drink and then move on!  Such was the scheme last night beginning with Vanity.
DJ Harris Malberg (Society @ Firestone Live, Smile For Camera) laying down House tracks for the early crowd, opening for DJ's Von Deeper and Mark Starr.
The early crowd that was there congregated mainly on the dance floor!
With a steady stream of clubbers filing in.
Truncated visit to NV though.
Upstairs in a far corner is the unmarked entrance to Hanson's Shoe Repair, a speakeasy. But I did not have the secret password so I couldn't get past the door host.  One guy walked up and told her that he needed to use the bathroom and she let him in so I thought maybe that was the secret password phrase.  But it didn't work for my group.  Next time I'll make an advance reservation!
Can't go downtown on a Friday night without a visit to The Lodge!
The DJ doesn't allow pictures of himself so it's necessary to take them from a distance, as a friend did for me here, lol!  Under Florida law there is no expectation of privacy when you're in a place open to the public so he's fair game.
Crowded but not super crowded for mostly 80's hits.
Spotted: Justin & Art celebrating Mans Week Lite with $2 PBR's!  Our trip to Las Vegas last October was the full-blown version of Mans Week.

 The mix of music and cheaper prices always makes The Lodge a popular option.
The other Friday night "must see" in downtown Orlando is "Footloose 80's Video Night" at Backbooth.  It begins promptly at 11:59pm so there's no reason to arrive earlier!
DJ Adam Wright has been running this gig for what seems like decades!
The music is mostly 80's but it definitely gets into early 90's dance hits as well!
Another crowded club but not packed as it often is.  No doubt a lot of people are at the first weekend of Ultra in Miami.  But it's louder and livelier in here than The Lodge.
Sir MixaLot and "Baby Got Back"!
And a good time was had by all!

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