Sunday, March 30, 2014

Club Reports: Hanson's Shoe Repair Shop, Rok Room, Sound Bar, Sky 60

First time visit ever and already breaking the rules as soon as I stepped in!  Hanson's Shoe Repair Shop is a speakeasy accessed through an unmarked door at the rear of the upstairs of downtown bar NV.
Historically there really was a cobbler located in this building on Pine Street.
Background music is piped-in from NV downstairs, but it's low volume means this is a place to come to chat and chill.  Specialty drinks only with premium artisan liquor brands you've never heard of.
My favorite spot within, this tiny outdoor nook within is now dominated by nearby skyscrapers.  Holding only 37 patrons, reservations for Hanson's to obtain the secret password is a requirement!
Quick visit to Rok Room, the club located in an alley behind Church Street.
The DJ was playing Hip Hop so I had no reason to stay.
There was a whole lotta twerking going on!
Much more to my liking.....Sound Bar Orlando!
With legendary DJ John Debo in the control tower playing pure House!
Not everyone was in Miami this weekend.  Some of us remained behind.
Debo says that DJ Kimball Collins (AAHZ, Qbar BKK) will be playing here on Saturday, May 3rd.
Last stop of the night was Sky60, located open-aired on a rooftop adjacent The Social.
DJ Dominick Morrison (EPCOT-China, Mannequins, Elixir, Vintage, Vixen) blowing the place up with a Dance/House mix.  First time seeing him play since NYE!
Taking turns with DJ Cliff T (Takeovr @ Roxy) doing the same!
The outdoor dance floor was completely jammed!
If you could find a spot to dance, you did!
Not too warm, not too cool.  Perfect weather last night following a day of rain.
And a good time was had by all!


FN said...

I love the idea of Hanson's -- craft cocktails means there are probably no crummy drinks like all the other bars serve. This is a great idea, I can't wait to check it out.

KingBob said...

What what I learned, Hanson's is owned by someone other than V-Group, the owner of NV. But you have to access it through NV. So no matter what time your appointment at Hanson's, they'll delay you about 30-minutes by having you wait in NV. To kill time you'll probably order a drink in NV and that's how they make their money. Then you can go up and order something there and that's how Hanson's make their money. No cover charge to either. It's great!