Thursday, March 20, 2014

Club Reports: Atlantic Dance Hall, Buffalo Wild Wings

After a Wednesday evening at EPCOT, decided to pay a quick visit to Atlantic Dance Hall at Disney's Boardwalk Resort. 
In the faint light of my non-cooperative camera phone, spotted DJ Willie (8TRAX, Celebrate Tonight, Stitch's Club 626 Dance Party, The Groove, Red Coconut Club) playing Top 40/Dance/Requests including Amy Winehouse (who if she hadn't said "No No No" to rehab, might still be alive!)  The boardwalk itself was pretty crowded and many of them were wandering in to ADH!  

 By now you're familiar with my love for wings.  And of course you know my love of EDM.  Well what if you could somehow combine the two?  Well they've done just that on Wednesday nights at Buffalo Wild Wings in Lake Buena Vista! 

Wednesday nights at BWW they have DJ's such as DJ Noren here playing Top 40/Dance!  And it has evolved into a Disney castmember night too and gets crowded after 10pm.  DJ Elliott plays here on a lot of Wednesdays.  Check it out!

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Big Dave Deego said...

It's a great night at Buffalo Wild Wings in Lake Buena Vista with EDM on the patio and Karaoke inside with Dj Big Dave from Deego Productions.