Monday, March 31, 2014

CJ's Miami Report

It wasn't possible for me to make it down to Miami this past week but honorary Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter CJ (far left) was there and forwarded a few pics to us. CJ is pictured here with Devon and rapper Waka Flocka (USA). 
At Ultra Music Festival, a look at the masses in attendance as The Glitch Mob (USA) performed!  Those condos in the background are directly across Biscayne Blvd.  Balcony units get a birds eye view directly into Ultra!
Here enjoying a set from Empire of the Sun (AUS).
And our own DJ Icey (USA) with Baby Anne (USA) behind him getting ready to come on!
Stanton Warriors (GB).
And Dance act Krewella (USA).  Big thanks to CJ for sharing some of her pics with our readers around the world!


Anonymous said...

Bob, thoughts on the push by Miami officials to get rid of Ultra in Miami after the security guard incident?

Anonymous said...

For those of you that didn't hear:

KingBob said...

Yeah, had seen some video on-line from the NBC station in Miami. It's pretty sad.

I think it's premature to be calling for the elimination of Ultra. This was the 16th or 17th Ultra and overall there have been few incidents, relatively speaking, over the years.

Unfortunately the EDM scene carries with it the stigma of decades past, referring to ecstasy and wild youth. More unfortunately, today's scene has brought both of those elements with it. While this could have just as easily happened at a rock or country concert, it didn't. It happened at an EDM event.

Anonymous said...

I went to WMC and Ultra from 1999-2006 and I can tell you that Ultra back then was perfect. It was one day AND it was the closing event for Winter Music Conference. Most of the people that attended were actual Djs that actually knew what they were doing, very few "fans" and bedroom Djs that don't belong.

Fast forward to 2014 and it's out of control.

KingBob said...

As long as Electronic Dance Music remains relevant, WMC will never be what it was. Ultra will never be what it was. They've evolved.