Monday, March 31, 2014

CJ's Miami Report

It wasn't possible for me to make it down to Miami this past week but honorary Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter CJ (far left) was there and forwarded a few pics to us. CJ is pictured here with Devon and rapper Waka Flocka (USA). 
At Ultra Music Festival, a look at the masses in attendance as The Glitch Mob (USA) performed!  Those condos in the background are directly across Biscayne Blvd.  Balcony units get a birds eye view directly into Ultra!
Here enjoying a set from Empire of the Sun (AUS).
And our own DJ Icey (USA) with Baby Anne (USA) behind him getting ready to come on!
Stanton Warriors (GB).
And Dance act Krewella (USA).  Big thanks to CJ for sharing some of her pics with our readers around the world!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Club Reports: Hanson's Shoe Repair Shop, Rok Room, Sound Bar, Sky 60

First time visit ever and already breaking the rules as soon as I stepped in!  Hanson's Shoe Repair Shop is a speakeasy accessed through an unmarked door at the rear of the upstairs of downtown bar NV.
Historically there really was a cobbler located in this building on Pine Street.
Background music is piped-in from NV downstairs, but it's low volume means this is a place to come to chat and chill.  Specialty drinks only with premium artisan liquor brands you've never heard of.
My favorite spot within, this tiny outdoor nook within is now dominated by nearby skyscrapers.  Holding only 37 patrons, reservations for Hanson's to obtain the secret password is a requirement!
Quick visit to Rok Room, the club located in an alley behind Church Street.
The DJ was playing Hip Hop so I had no reason to stay.
There was a whole lotta twerking going on!
Much more to my liking.....Sound Bar Orlando!
With legendary DJ John Debo in the control tower playing pure House!
Not everyone was in Miami this weekend.  Some of us remained behind.
Debo says that DJ Kimball Collins (AAHZ, Qbar BKK) will be playing here on Saturday, May 3rd.
Last stop of the night was Sky60, located open-aired on a rooftop adjacent The Social.
DJ Dominick Morrison (EPCOT-China, Mannequins, Elixir, Vintage, Vixen) blowing the place up with a Dance/House mix.  First time seeing him play since NYE!
Taking turns with DJ Cliff T (Takeovr @ Roxy) doing the same!
The outdoor dance floor was completely jammed!
If you could find a spot to dance, you did!
Not too warm, not too cool.  Perfect weather last night following a day of rain.
And a good time was had by all!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Club Reports: Suite B Lounge, Eye Spy

Friday night in the city and needing to drown-out my sorrows following the news published in yesterday's article!
Suite B Lounge is a good place to do that and finding DJ Elizabeth Wylde (The Fifth) in the booth was enough to brighten-up anyone's day evening!
People on the dance floor but it never got particularly crowded.  Everyone into House music is down in Miami this weekend!
Her great set was all House and towards the end more on the commercial House side.
She was followed by DJ Kevin Robinson who continued with a generally commercial House set.
About the only two who were consistently dancing last night!
Surprise of the night was DJ Kelly Kochis from Gainesville!  She switched it over to a Miami-style of non-vocal Deep House and it was pretty amazing!
Drinks served up by my hostess with the mostest, Lisa!
You can never go wrong with Go Go.....boys?!
Moving over next to Eye Spy.
Resident DJ Parry on the decks putting out mostly Top 40 dance songs!
With the threat of rain in the area, wasn't sure how crowded the club with no roof would be.  But it was packed!
It was hard to move about the place!
Some 90's and 00's Hip Hop in the mix.
Spotted near the booth: Kat, Aubrey & Renee!  Renee is featured in an article in the April edition of Orlando Magazine about her awesome Love & Leather necklace designs, one of which she is wearing here!
More dancing in one of the side alcoves!
At 1:15am the music went totally EDM!
A mix of Dance, House & Icey-style Florida Breaks!
Including never before heard Breakbeat versions of "Animals" and "Selfie" as the floor got even more crowded!
And a good time was had by all!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Breaking News: Mannequins & 8TRAX To Be Combined To Become A Restaurant!

(CLICK ON IMAGE ABOVE TO ENLARGE)  Mannequins & 8TRAX fans have been waiting 5.5 years (yesterday was the anniversary) to find out what was going to happen to their world class night clubs. During that time Save Pleasure Island Blog has delivered to you the latest news and rumors about their fate.  Throughout it all there was one constant; as long as the buildings remained standing, there was hope.  That hope has now ended.
 Orlando Business Journal is reporting that former clubs Mannequins Dance Palace and 8TRAX are going to be combined into one facility which will become a restaurant!  They refer to the permit filed with Orange County which we located and posted above.  The restaurant will be operated by Patina Restaurant Group of Los Angeles, the company that operates Tutto Italia and Via Napoli, both at EPCOT - Italy.  The Company's website lists all the concepts they currently have and those include the expected Italian concepts but also steak restaurants.  You'll recall the Blog previously reported a rumor that an upscale steak house was going into Mannequins. No indication yet what this will be but we see it will operate on 2 floors.  That alone supports that the hill on Pleasure Island will remain. Big thanks to Blog reader MDPfan89 for sending us the link to this story!

It's finally over. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Breaking News: MDP, AC, CW & 8TRAX To Be Recreated For 1 Night For D23

D23's "Attraction Rewind" is coming to Walt Disney World on November 22-23 and it will include a newly announced "Pleasure Island Rewind" featuring areas dedicated to Mannequins, Adventurers Club, Comedy Warehouse and 8TRAX.  Details are in the article posted on the Inside The Magic website located here.  Have no idea yet what this will entail. We'll provide more details once they become available! Big thanks to SPI Blog roving reporters William and Thommy for alerting me to this story!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

ADH Update: More Karaoke Details

Save Pleasure Island Blog was the first to report last week that Atlantic Dance Hall was going Karaoke on Thursday nights.  The organizer of the weekly event has now posted the video above on YouTube, taken during last Thursday night's dress rehearsal.  We already reported that they would be using, in a manner similar to CityWalks' Rising Star venue, a live band to provide the music. What we learn in this video is that costumes will be available.  That's something Rising Star doesn't offer. Also unique to ADH is the ability to play the band's instruments. It will be happening every Thursday night beginning at 9pm!  Atlantic Dance Hall is located at Disney's Boardwalk Resort in Bay Lake, FL. Not sure what the cover charge is.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

PI Update: Looking Back At BET Soundstage

BET Soundstage Club is the Pleasure Island nightclub that we talk the least about here on the Blog. It opened in 1989 where the short-lived Neon Armadillo operated and as the name indicates, was operated by Black Entertainment Television.
During its final years the contract with BET had expired so Disney operated it merely as Soundstage Club.
The entrance until the signs were finally removed in August, 2011.
With it's "microphone" sign, it occupied a commanding spot at West End Plaza. The entrance shown here was actually upstairs and when you entered, the dance floor and main bars were downstairs.
BET Soundstage Club rode the wave of the popularity of Hip Hop music during the late 90's and early 00's. The place was always packed and it could take a half hour to get a drink!  Ironically, the opening of Top 40 club Motion did the place in.  Hip Hop made up a disproportionate share of Top 40 music at the time so a lot of the same songs were being played over there.  With it's much larger dance floor and non-Hip Hop songs, that's where the crowd migrated.
Today the building still sits there and we don't know whether it will get renovated or demolished for Disney Springs.
But of the 4 clubs that remain standing on Pleasure Island, it's the only one that still has a sign up!