Tuesday, February 18, 2014

PI Update: West Side & Marketplace Updates

Yesterday's article covered all the action on beautiful Pleasure Island.  Today we continue our journey through Downtown Disney beginning with Splitsville.  Nice crowd on the downstairs patio enjoying a few frosty cold ones!
While a duo provided some decent entertainment playing Oldies.
The sign facing Buena Vista Drive still advertises Dancing.  They must be referring to that little jig we all do when we bowl a strike.
Isn't this a new directional sign in front of Cirque?  I sure don't remember it.
Featuring BBQ sandwiches and ribs, the smell surrounding the new Smokehouse at House of Blues is to die for!
The new Starbucks in former Wetzel's Pretzels seems to be moving at a snail's pace.
Long line at Characters In Flight. No price increase this year which means adults are still $18, $15 with AAA/CAA, and everyone flies for $10 before 10AM.
OK, let's take the slow boat to Marketplace!
Pollution barriers are up, the barges are here and construction of the new walkway shortcut is underway. It will run from near Rainforest Cafe to.....
.....to near T-REX Cafe, allowing patrons to bypass the heavily trafficked areas near LEGO Imagination Center and World of Disney.
This area is currently completely blocked off.
Concept art shows the shortcut going generally straight across, perhaps with a slight curve.  But this intial installation zig zags so I'm not sure what's up.
Did I see a demolition permit for the Pollo Campero building?  Remember the Blog reported this first one year ago here.
Yes, there really is a Dunkin Yo Yo kiosk on the No. 1 Bridge, lol.
And at Downtown Disney this past weekend, a good flight was had by all!  Thursday we'll have a parking update.


Jeff - Gainesville said...

So odd to see all of that construction going on. I sure hope it all pays off since they let those buildings sit there empty for all of those years with nothing to show for it.

KingBob said...

Jeff, they're moving full blast right now and that's exciting. We just have no idea what's coming.