Thursday, February 20, 2014

PI Update: Parking Woes Continue

It's still possible to try to park in Downtown Disney's Parking Lots A-G, the lots that cover the area from Marketplace through Pleasure Island.  But those lots are relatively small and you run the risk of getting in, not finding anything and then having to extricate yourself.  From the lot in front of PI, it's no longer possible to continue to Planet Hollywood as Lots H-K are under construction and blocked.  You're forced to turn left here, travel along the edge of the PI bus loop and back out onto Buena Vista Drive (BVD) across from the Hess station.
The first of two parking garage structures are under way in what were Lots H-K.
The closed area ends here by Disney Quest.  Lots L and higher are open although there are various issues within some of the lots here as well.
There normally are two left turn lanes leading from eastbound BVD into the Cirque entrance.  But because two lanes would have to quickly merge into one after the left turn, Disney has blocked off one of the two left turn lanes, leading to a very long line!
Late afternoon this past weekend that line stretched back to nearly Bonnet Creek Drive.  Would hate to see what this looks like during dinner hours on Friday and Saturday nights!  If you're coming out for a time specific event such as a movie during peak times, recommend that you get here about an hour earlier than you normally would have arrived.

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