Monday, February 17, 2014

PI Update: Island Update

An incredible Sunday afternoon with temps in the upper 70's and there's no better place to spend it than beautiful Pleasure Island!
The closed No.4 Bridge, standing unused like a cold war relic.
Brisk traffic on the new bypass causeway.
Soundstage Club remains.  WDW Magic reports that demolition on the Island has ended which means the buildings still standing will not be torn down.
Adventurers Club remains!
Over on the east end, water pollution prevention barriers are floating well out into Village Lake.
And looking at it from the other direction.
Bathroom construction/renovation is taking place at the rear of Raglan Road.  You'll recall the WC facilities that were behind Fuego and near club Motion. They're being expanded as the main pedestrian thoroughfare will pass by here.
Lots of construction underway in the "seed & mulch" area where Rock 'n' Roll Beach Club and Motion used to stand.  The lighthouse style restaurant that we knew as Classic Old Boats and Good Food Restaurant but apparently to be named The Boat House is going in here. It will be built partly over the lake.
We speculated what this windlowless building was going to be and now we see its for the restaurant's AC system.
Mannequins and 8TRAX still stand but we couldn't tell if there was any construction taking place in the area directly behind this wall.  While Disney Springs is a multi-year project, supposedly Disney wants to get The Landing, the new name for Pleasure Island, completed in 2014.
Very difficult to see through the trees, this is a look into the opening that was the underground cast member area beneath Hill Street.  There has been speculation that the hill was going to be removed but now that seems less likely. Removing the hill creates all kinds of issues with the remaining buildings on the Island.
Demolition walls surround the former Lily Pad area of Pleasure Island.
The Lily Pad has been removed.
Which is interesting because it was new, having been rebuilt just a few years ago, after the clubs had been closed. Supposedly a new walkway here will eliminate the roundabout-look that the Lily Pad displayed.
As you know, foot-traffic is currently funneled beside Raglan Road and in front of Mannequins. That route will still exist but the goal is to funnel most pedestrians via a walkway through what is now this service court between Raglan and Portobello's, where the Boat House restaurant will stand to the rear of these doors. Pathway plans we published a few years ago show one or two stores along this passageway as well. So that's the latest from Pleasure Island.  Tomorrow we'll update you on the Marketplace and the West Side.  Meanwhile, if the ground is white where you are, you should be booking your March visit to Florida!

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