Wednesday, February 12, 2014

CW Update: Construction Progress

Visiting Universal's CityWalk on a Tuesday night.  Like Downtown Disney, lots of construction taking place here too!
Outside new Mexican restaurant Antojitos, the VW microbus bar was open for business. They have a handful of specialty drinks you can buy as listed on the menu.
Appears that Hot Dog Hall of Fame is going into the space outside where Galaxy Bar used to be located.  CW's so-called lilypad is surrounded by a construction wall so it might not be there when this is completed.  That could explain the rumor that they're not going to have the Labor Day weekend "techno" night out there anymore.  Interestingly, the logo for this place differs from the logo used by Steve Schussler's Hot Dog Hall of Fame.  Is this unrelated to Schussler Creative?
We previously reported on the closing of Cigarz.  The adjacent TCBY Yogurt and Katie's Candy Company have also now closed. I forget what restaurant is going into these three spaces but it's an absolutely horrendous location for any visibility.
Big Kahuna Pizza appears to have closed as the menu boards have been removed.  Seems like it was rarely open anyway.  And when they took wings off the menu a couple years ago, well, the place went off my radar!
And as is usually the case at CityWalk, a good time was had by all!

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