Sunday, February 2, 2014

Club Reports: DTA, Independent Bar, Sound Bar

Saturday night in downtown Orlando and starting things off with DTA....Don't Tell Anyone!  And since this is a 1920's-era speakeasy, we simply can't tell you where it is!
There are no signs to lead you to this new club but the velvet ropes did provide some guidance.
The foyer leads anyone dropping by to think that this is just a small cigar store.  But if you're important enough that bookcase will slide open and you'll be ushered inside! And when they realized who I was, it did!
Inside you'll find a long, elegant bar full of upscale people such as myself!
Found DJ duo Ksaritah and Marc Sparcs (Vintage Lounge, Touch Ultralounge) on the decks.
Music was 70's Disco when I came in evolving into Old School hits. The music volume was low enough that one could chit chat in here if you wanted to.
Large group dancing to Disco! Awesome place....if you can find it!
Moving over to Independent Bar; had not been here on a Saturday night in awhile and I had a pent-up need for some early to mid 80's Old Wave!
Saturday night resident DJ Indie John on the controls!
From the perch, nice view of the jammed dance floor below!
Shiny disco balls!
I figured with this being a payday weekend that it would be crowded downtown.
Spotted on the dance floor: Lighting Tech Ernie.
Spotted in VIP: Sarah, Nicole & Randi.
After my fill of New Wave, needed some pure House beats so headed over to Sound Bar.
Guest DJ Amo Dissonant (USA) putting out the steady thump of Tech House. Amo is the Friday night resident DJ at FDR at The Delano in South Beach.
Small club, crowded floor & a non-working A/C meant it was way too warm in here!
But the dancing must go on!
And a good time was had by all!

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