Friday, February 28, 2014

DTD Update: Entertainment Moves

This is a new entertainment stage that has been placed out on the lawn between House of Blues and the O-P-Q Parking Lots.  I spotted it out there this past weekend but didn't know what they planned to do with it.  Blog reader Bill R. reports to us today that the Andre Caram Band (ft. Drey-C) along with Nicholas Marks (and his gypsy guitar) will be performing out there.  Apparently entertainment that had been on the so-called Park Stage (aka Bongos Lawn) is relocating here as they plan to put the food trucks back again at Bongos Lawn.  

Meanwhile, entertainment acts such as Nova Era, Nova Pop and Mitch Corbin which have been at the Lily Pad Stage have relocated to the new round stage that covers the water fountain outside AMC Downtown Disney 24 Theaters.  The Lily Pad area is under construction.  Thanks Bill R.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rick Astley vs Avicii Mashup

I'm not a big fan of Mashups but this one was brought to my attention by Blog reader Justin A. of Virginia and I have to say, it's pretty damn good!  Rick Astley vs Avicii.  Mashup to the extreme.  Check it out!  Thanks, Justin.

This Weekend In Techno Town

The last Friday of the month means Lost In Trancelation at Bikkuri Lounge on Colonial Drive.  This month guest DJ Rob N (EDC-Orlando 2012) and Robb Blak (Firestone, Roxy, Backstage) headline.  (FREE)
Performing at Firestone Live on Friday night, up-and-coming DJ 3LAU (USA) returns to Orlando for the first time since EDC-Orlando 2013 when he had a huge crowd for his House and Trap set.
Meanwhile DJ Lee Coombs (GB) brings an Electrohouse and Breaks format to his show at Suite B Lounge on Friday night!
Begin the new month by returning to the 90's when what is now called Classic Dance ruled the clubs.  Return of the Kings 2 at Firestone Live has Spacemen, DJ X and Jimmy Joslin.  And many more!
The lineup on Saturday night at Spacebar could also be playing at Return of the Kings!  They've got Tommy Mot, DJ Leilani and Kyngnova all jammed into one small club!
Resident DJ's John Debo and Monsanto rarely play together but it's 2 for 1 pure House at Soundbar! (FREE until 11:30pm, then $5)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DTD Update: West Side and Marketplace Construction

Yesterday we brought you the latest news from Pleasure Island and today the latest updates from Downtown Disney West Side and Downtown Disney Marketplace.  Bonus points to anyone that can tell me where the above sign is located!
First a visit to the West Side and to outside Planet Hollywood.
Work is underway on the installation of a new seawall.  This certainly indicates that the Waterfront is not going to be drained!
Construction proceeds of the conversion of Wetzel's Pretzels into a Starbucks.  As you can see, it's supposed to open in Spring, 2014 which means up into mid-June.  By the way, Wetzel's is supposed to open a kiosk over near Disney Quest but I've seen no indication that it's imminent.
Walt Disney World's first parking garage is well underway across from AMC Theaters. It has a long way to go before the first deck is completed.  I've read the goal is to get this thing open before the Christmas rush.
Looking east towards the Marketplace, we see the pedestrian causeway construction taking place across the former harbor.
It's designed to allow guests to circle through the Marketplace without having walk in and walk out the same way, something that causes extreme congestion near the Waterfront Stage and World of Disney.  It will begin here next to T-REX Cafe.
The concept art shows what it will look like and I had not previously noticed that there is a zig-zag pattern to part of it.
But construction so far definitely shows the zag of the zig-zag.
Barges with pilings and barriers with Rainforest Cafe in the rear.
And it's connection back to land near Rain Forest Cafe.
The other new Starbucks is under construction in a nook of World of Disney.
Construction is also underway of the new fixed link pedestrian bridge connecting the Marketplace with Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort.
This will allow guests at SSR to walk to DTD without having to use the sidewalk along Buena Vista Drive.
Team Disney is now closed.
And a good time was had by all!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

PI Update: Things Are Moving Fast!

It was just a week ago that we gave you a thorough update of all the action on Pleasure Island but that's no longer good enough.  Things are moving rapidly and it's the Blog's goal to keep you fully abreast of developments.
So we're taking to the air for photos via the official Save Pleasure Island Blog SkyCam!  While we were previously told that demolition on the Island had ended someone today said that BET and AC (pictured) were coming down.  But this same person also said the Waterfront area near Planet Hollywood and behind 8TRAX and Mannequins was going to be drained and filled.  Since that goes against the concept of Disney Springs as well as the Disney Springs concept art, I'm very skeptical!
This is West End Plaza / Celebration Plaza, scraped of it's brick cover.  Rumor had it that this was going to be torn out and the hill eliminated but its looking increasingly that such is not the case. The castmember cafe was under that along with PI offices and it also connected to the lower levels of both BET and AC.  The public of course entered BET and AC via the plaza level which was the top floor of those buildings.  They just haven't done anything yet that indicates they're going to tear that out.  So maybe the No. 4 Bridge which connects to here may live to see future use too.
Construction outside of 8TRAX on the former Lombard Street hill.  The source mentioned earlier did say the 8TRAX and Mannequins buildings were remaining.  I liked that part!
The 8-track cartridge is still inserted into the 8-track player at 8TRAX lower entrance!
Beside Mannequins, more mysterious construction taking place.  This is where the Changing Attitudes > Orlando Harley-Davidson > Apricot Lane building used to stand along with PI Live Bar.  Notice in the upper right those doors still go into Mannequins.
You'll recall the concept art for the new Boat House restaurant located roughly where Rock'n'Roll Beach Club and Motion once stood.
Much of the complex will actually extend out over the waters of Village Lake.
Lots of construction taking place in this walled-off area too!
An overview shot of this entire area.
Zooming in a bit more here.
This is the existing service court located between Portobello's (rear) and Raglan Road.  The main pedestrian pathway is to pass through here and original plans for Hyperion Wharf showed 1-2 retail stores along one side of the pathway.
This is the door that will face that pathway that leads to the new service court.
You can see here how that pathway will emerge from right and pedestrians will make the turn here to head towards the western part of the Island.  The Boat House entrance would be located near here too.
How many Carrier representatives does it take......., lol.  Tune in tomorrow for a look at more action on the West Side and in the Marketplace!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Club Report: House Of Blues (SIN)

Many clubs have tried. All have failed. No one beats House of Blues "Service Industry Night" on Sunday nights. No one.
Big thanks!
Arriving after midnight to find DJ Magic Mike on stage playing House/Dance!
As is always the case here on Sunday nights, just a little crowded!
Great lighting and sound systems at House of Blues, a division of Live Nation Entertainment.
No way was I going down into that mess.
Hi to you too!
Spotted: DJ Richie Rich (The Beacham) who had played earlier.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Once again, packed to the rafters!
HOB SIN opens at 10:30pm every Sunday night and anyone in any service industry, not just hospitality, gets in free. A business card or a pay stub has to be shown. Others pay $12.  Dubstep DJ Excision (CDN) plays here on February 28th and that is almost sold out.
On the way out, visiting beautiful Pleasure IslandMannequins is still here! With demolition finished, it's gonna become something!  Seems like a perfect place for a.....nightclub!
Because the Island "keeps getting better"!