Tuesday, January 7, 2014

DTD Update: Bar-B-Que A Comin'

When we visited House of Blues last fall this ramshackle building was being used as the box office for HOB music events.
In November we reported the ticket office relocating to new windows at the House of Blues Company Store building because the old building was becoming a barbeque take-out restaurant. At that time the word "TICKETS" had been removed off the marquee.
Now the sign reads BARBQUE, which fortunately has the same number of letters as TICKETS.  Mmmmm. Can't hardly wait!


Anonymous said...

wow I quit spending money on ANY of Disney property! I wish ALL of the old PI peeps would also!!

KingBob said...

I think the average Pleasure Islander probably spends little money at Disney anymore. But me personally, I'm still spending, but nearly not as much.