Saturday, January 18, 2014

Concert Report: Cosmic Gate (Firestone Live)

Cosmic Gate was on my list to see when they performed a couple months ago at Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando but I was at a different stage surrounded by thousands and it was not possible to make it over to their stage. So I jumped at the chance to see them at Firestone Live last night!
The outside Patio was crowded listening to a great set by DJ Evo (Lost In Trancelation, Bikkuri Lounge, Suite B Lounge).
While inside the club's Den we found DJ K8 (NLP, High Society Lounge, Suite B Lounge).
And then DJ duo Claus Terhoven & Stefan Bossems better known as Cosmic Gate (D) came on at 12:30am!
They opened with nearly a half-hour of non-vocal Trance.
As you can see, the club was packed!
And when they switched to Vocal Trance, the place really got excited!  The duo was formed in the late 90's and it's great seeing an entire new generation appreciating them!
They would play until after 2:30am and the crowd never thinned-out!
They're currently ranked 80th in the world.  When DJMag asked them whether Dance music had become the new Pop, their response was “We think it has. As Dance lovers we all should stay positive about it. After all, it’s better than only Hip-hop or Rock on the radio, right?”
Cosmic Gate also played Orlando one year ago at smaller club RoxyLink.
Spotted: ShannonHTG with friend.
This is where all that fancy lighting is controlled from.
Spotted: DJ J13 (Lost In Trancelation, Bikkuri Lounge, Suite B Lounge).
HTG's sound system was fantastic.....and loud!
Renovations have been made inside Firestone so that sight lines of the stage from the near corners have improved.
A good time was had by all!

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