Friday, January 31, 2014

PI Update: Restaurant Construction To Begin!

Ever since the concept of The Landing last year replaced the concept of Pleasure Island, we've seen nothing but demolition permits and demolition on the IslandComedy Warehouse came down along with Laffers Cantina, PI Live Bar, Fuego by Sosa Cigars and the former Curl by Sammy Duval building. In addition, the front foyer area of 8TRAX was also demolished.  But we've seen nothing actually built.

But apparently that's about to change. Someone on the WDW Magic website posted a link to Orange County's permit website showing that a Notice of Commencement has been issued for the former Rock'n'Roll Beach Club/Motion address to construct a 22,000 sf restaurant there! This is pictured on the Disney Springs concept art on display in several places on the Island, as shown above.

The permit lists the owner or lessee of the restaurant to be "The Boathouse Orlando LLC". This of course is no surprise to Blog readers because we reported in 2010 that a lighthouse style restaurant was in the works for this "seed & mulch" plot of land. We reported at the time that this was a Schussler Creative project with a working name of Mahogany Bay Classic Old Boats and Great Food Restaurant. Indeed, the concept art shows some classic old boats approaching the facility. Schussler Creative is the genius behind Rainforest Cafe, T-REX Cafe and Hot Dog Hall of Fame, the latter coming soon to CityWalk. We wrote to Mr. Schussler for comment but did not get a response. 
 These are exciting times on beautiful Pleasure Island

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stadium Reconstruction: Will There Be Room For EDC - Orlando?

Heavy renovations began yesterday at the Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium in Orlando, a project so large that the only existing parts that will remain when it's all finished are the upper decks. The lower tiers are being completely replaced along with new concession stands, restrooms and facade.
This is Tinker Field, located immediately west of the stadium. Once the Spring Training home of the Minnesota Twins major league baseball team, the City of Orlando announced yesterday that Tinker Field is going to be demolished and rebuilt nearby. 
Tinker Field is important to EDM fans because this field is the annual home of Electric Daisy Carnival!
The main stage under construction in Tinker Field's outfield this past November.
The new stadium's footprint will be wider and will take up much of this field.  So where is Electric Daisy Carnival going to go even if the stadium reconstruction is finished on-time in November?
Insomniac, the creator and producer of Electric Daisy Carnival has stated that EDC-Orlando is returning.  This is what's stated on their website: 
Thank YOU so much for joining us on our third adventure through the landscape of EDC Orlando. The beauty and overwhelming energy you brought throughout the entire weekend has truly sparked our imaginations with new ideas for next year. It is YOU who inspire us to create new elements and surprises. We do everything with your experience in mind and hope that your journey was as unforgettable as ours. See you next year!
This is an experience we sure don't want to miss next November. But if won't fit here, where will it go?
(Follow progress with WorkZoneCam)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This Weekend in Techno Town

FRIDAY JAN 31  After way too long of a gap, Lost In Trancelation returns to Bikkuri Lounge with DJ's Robb Blak, Agni, Evo and a guest star who has appeared on Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance, Martire (GB). Expect Trance and more Trance!  (FREE)
FRIDAY JAN 31  He blew up EDC-Orlando a couple months ago with a loud mostly Dubstep type of show and Luminox (USA) is back in Orlando to do it again at Vain Nightclub!  ($10)
SATURDAY FEB 1  Kick off February with a first Orlando visit for DJ trio Cash Cash (USA), producing and playing songs with pop vocals mixed to Electrohouse beats. Their biggest song to date made it to #30 on the Pop charts, "Take Me Home" ft. Bebe Rexha. Firestone Live ($11-15)
SATURDAY FEB 1  Meanwhile Roxy Nightclub has Electrohouse/Progressive House DJ Paris Blohm (USA) playing songs like Presence.  ($10-15)
SATURDAY FEB 1  And for what I call pure House, no place in town does it better than Sound Bar and this Saturday night they have guest DJ Amo (USA).  ($5)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

White Castle v Krystal

Flight from the great white north did not get in to Orlando-Sanford International until nearly midnight so am loading this "filller" article for today.  I noticed in both metro St. Louis and Chicago that they have White Castle restaurants up there while down here in the south we have Krystal.  Many people believe that because each sells those tiny "slider" hamburgers that they're related to each other.  But that's not the case.  White Castle sells them up north and Krystal sells them down south.  But they don't really compete with each other because of geography.  Except in one place.  The two actually do "meet" in one geographic area only and that is in northern Kentucky in the south suburbs of Cincinnati.  That is the only place where you will find White Castle and Krystal near each other.  Must be interesting!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Daft Punk Blows Away Grammy Awards

Did you watch the 56th Annual Grammy Awards last night on CBS?  The show included an extremely rare television performance by DJ duo Daft Punk (F).  They played "Get Lucky" with live vocals from Pharrell Williams and Stevie Wonder.  But where was Daft Punk?  Midway during the song they finally appeared as futuristic robots, with helmets preserving their noted secretiveness.

Their album "Random Access Memories" won awards for Album of the Year and Dance Album of the Year.  "Get Lucky" won for Record of the Year.  Remember that the Blog predicted this early last June here!  The album was produced in a studio using 1970's & 80's era equipment in order to create the retro sound engrained within its songs that modern computers don't replicate.  It very much deserves to be Album of the Year!  It's a sound and feeling that is likely to be copied by future EDM artists that are moving Dance music to yet another level!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Club Report: The Castle (Chicago)

Downtown Chicago in the club district along Ontario Street; first visit to The Castle located in the same location of previous clubs Vision and Excalibur.
Coming inside, the "Cha Cha Slide" was being played on the ground floor so I quickly went upstairs for DJ duo Curley & Castro (USA).  DJ Henry Castro was playing mostly non-vocal House.
Taking turns doing the same with DJ John Curley.
The huge upstairs was packed!
At 1:30am headliner DJ Oscar G (USA) finally took over!
More pure unadulterated House music from a master at it.  Oscar G has a residency at Club Space in Miami.
The Castle is built into an old church and even this huge upstairs "room" has levels above it that rise up into the rafters!
There were some spaces to chill if you needed to but anything on or near the dance floor was impassible! 
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!  Even better with 3 of them!
Looking down from the rafters.
The club's official photographer! (Jennifer Catherine Photography Chicago)
Oscar G hasn't played Orlando since he did a show at Senso Supper Club in early 2012.  So he's way overdue!
Lots of vocal House, nothing commercial.  Lots of building and crashing.
A good time was had by all!

Club Report: Bar Louie (Chicago)

My journey continues up to Chicago and heading out to the club.  First stop though was right in my hotel; Bar Louie.

Finding DJ Wyldchyld in the booth playing Top 40/Hip Hop.
O-town of course has a Bar Louie just off Sand Lake Road near Universal.
People dance to the DJ's at our Bar Louie.  Apparently at this location they  Good music to dine by though and the place was crowded!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Club Report: Europe Night Club (St. Louis)

When I found out my travels would take me to St. Louis, I quickly researched the city's EDM clubs.  I couldn't find any though except for one...Europe Night Club.
Just 4 of the many DJ's tag teaming it last night!
Big crowd on hand!
DJ Kurrent putting out House/Dance.
Hard to compare the size to any of our clubs.  The set up is similar to Tier (formerly Icon) but smaller.  The upstairs was also closed last night.
DJ Emilio Hernandez continuing the House/Dance format including a really catchy remix he recently produced.
Paul van Dyk (D) plays from this booth next Friday night!  Krewella (USA) plays here in late February.  So this does seem to be the place to go in St. Louis!
The club is located on the edge of downtown, a couple miles west of the Gateway Arch.  If you're headed to the UCF football game at Missouri this fall, you might want to include Europe Night Club in your journey!
No coat check room so you either wore it or came in without it!
Shiny disco ball!
And in St. Louis last night, a good time was had by all!

Friday, January 24, 2014

PI Update: More Changes

A beautiful and crisp Thursday night in Orlando and what better place to spend it than beautiful Pleasure Island!  The sign at the No. 2 Bridge still shines brightly.
With most of PI now surrounded by demolition walls, there aren't a lot of entertainment options remaining!  One possibility though is Paradiso 37.
Despite the chill, this fine-looking vocalist was singing Latin hits out on their patio!
Adjacent P37, this is where the pathway now ends for westbound traffic. As you know, the Pleasure Island bypass causeway is now open.
Eastbound traffic now meets this imposing blockade at the foot of the No. 4 Bridge. The camera's flash lights up the old sign but "Pleasure Island" is actually no longer lit here.
The No. 4 Bridge. We shall never pass this way again.
Quick visit to a pretty crowded Planet Hollywood.
Found DJ Uncle Mike on the boards playing Top 40 to the diners!
Overnight last night this fountain adjacent AMC Downtown Disney 24 Theaters was supposed to be converted to a new permanent entertainment stage. It will replace the so-called Fulton's Stage on Pleasure Island (at the Lilypad) which has become surrounded by more construction walls.
Indeed, construction walls are up near T-Rex Cafe and the LEGO store!
These walls are up and the cranes have arrived to begin construction of the new boardwalk connecting this area over to the Rainforest Cafe area. 
It will allow pedestrians to avoid the very congested area near the Waterside Stage and the World of Disney store.
Speaking of the Waterside Stage, we found DJ Elliot (Disney Cruise Line, Disney Hollywood Studios NYE Dance Party) leading the kid's dance party playing Top 40 and EDM.
But with it being between tourist seasons and a chilly night, not a lot of people hanging around.
So it was back across the No. 1 Bridge to Pleasure Island.
To MannequinsYes, it's still here!  All that outside entertainment effort being made, yet just reopen this place and there would be long lines every night to get in! With EDM and DJ's so huge right now, can you imagine what this place would be like?