Friday, December 20, 2013

PI/CW DJ Doc Has Retired

We recently heard from former Pleasure Island DJ Doc Wells and learned that he has retired from the DJ business!  Doc was a favorite DJ of ours at 8TRAX and as pictured above, at Disney's Atlantic Dance Hall.
One of the bright spots shortly after the closure of Pleasure Island clubs in September, 2008 was when Universal CityWalk announced that they were going to operate a Thursday night "80's Night at The Groove" beginning in late January, 2009. And it was going to feature "DJ Doc Wells spinning dance, new wave, hair bands and more!"  It was designed to capture some of the 8TRAX crowd.  Wells would eventually incorporate some 70's Disco into the mix too and the weekly event would draw more people on Thursdays than TG used to see on that night.  But after a couple years he gave up the gig and 80's Night at The Groove would not do that well without him, leading to it getting axed. He's pictured above in the booth at The Groove.
And pictured here playing Top 40 at Nona Tap Room out near OIA, Doc Wells has retired from the DJ business but remains a long-time castmember with Disney!  Like 8TRAX, we miss him!

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