Saturday, December 21, 2013

PI Update: Live Entertainment Continues

One never knows what one is going to find when one crosses that bridge to Pleasure Island!
What I found was a realization that I had not been out to Pleasure Island at night in a very long time. Way too long!  So it was good to see some familiar faces providing PI entertainment such as the Andre Caram Band here in front of Soundstage Club.
Featuring singer Drey-C, I just caught him and the band doing an Avicii hit as their last song of the night in front of the huge crowd!
Who says there's no dancing on Pleasure Island!
Paradiso 37 offers live entertainment.
Usually they have DJ's playing dance music but last night a Latin music duo was performing some Salsa.
Within earshot is Raglan Road.
Which had their own duo outside on the patio performing Irish.
At Fulton's Stage another large crowd was gathered.
The Bryan Malpass Band was performing Rock tunes and Top 40.
Spotted: Nicholas Marks who would be coming on next with his gypsy guitar.
Meanwhile Mannequins was lit-up all pretty.  In reality it awaits its fate.

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Anonymous said...

Always enjoy Drey and Nicholas Marks. Never heard of the others.