Sunday, December 29, 2013

Concert Report: DJ ATB (Roxy Nightclub)

It's been a few months since I last visited Roxy but a concert from ATB was a great reason to return!
DJ Phoenix Jagger had opening duties from 11pm to 1am and did a great job getting the crowd excited for what was to come.
The opener has the tough job of being good....but not too good.  He did just that though with a mostly House set mixed-in with some Dubstep and Trap near the end before returning to House.
And the dance floor was crowded early for his set.
Finally coming on at 1am, DJ Andre' Tanneberger (D) doing business as ATB.
By now Roxy was packed to the rafters!
ATB wasted no time, opening with monster-hit "Ecstasy"!
The German contingent was in the house showing their love!
Confetti and icy cold CO
ATB's set last night was all Trance, mostly with vocals.
Giving some kandi to the DJ!
He's currently ranked as the #33 DJ in the world per DJMag readers.
Short people needed a boost to be able to get a better view!
He sang one song completely through and was very animated all night.  Lots of crowd interaction which is something not possible at huge raves such as EDC-Orlando last month when he played on the first night.  And you can't get any closer to the DJ's than at Roxy.
ATB toyed with the crowd, several times playing the first few notes of his biggest hit "9PM (Till I Come)" and everyone thought that's what he was going to play during his encore.  Instead he played "Now or Never" off his upcoming "Contact" album.  Pretty good song that has hit potential!
With the encore he played until 2:40am. He was probably paid for a 90-minute show but unlike some DJ's, he didn't watch the clock.  Great show! A good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

9pm till I come, the Sequential One 1999 Mix. It first appeared on a Promo Only club CD and that's the one I go to when it's time to play that track. :)

It has the drop down so you have to a have a crowd that will "get it" and stay with the mix.

Anonymous said...

Favorite song from back then.