Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Is For.....

Thanksgiving is after midnight at the factory outlet mall!  Sorry for the crappy camera phone photo of DJ Mark Hunt playing earlier this morning at the Tommy Hilfinger Outlet store in Lake Buena Vista.

Thanksgiving is thanks!  Thanks to all of you out there around the country and around the world who have delivered over 728,000 hits to this Blog, a website which was created to "save Pleasure Island" but then at least has kept you updated about it.

One huge blessing that has come out of PI's closure is that I've come to know so many of you who at Pleasure Island I might have just waved at or just known of you but never actually spoke to you.  Post-closure we all had a shared-background of "misery loves company" (as a friend recently described it to me) and now we actually know each other!  Your friendship is appreciated!

Final special thanks goes to all the DJ's, lighting techs, promoters, club managers, club owners, door hosts, etc. which make the other half of this Blog's mission possible.  It's been great fun helping you support the huge rise of Electronic Dance Music in Orlando!


Anonymous said...

Thank YOU Bob!

Danny Jett said...

Nice blog! Feel free to check out mine at Thanks!