Friday, November 8, 2013

PI Update: PI Bypass Has Opened

More pics from Blog reader "Bill from PA" who was out on beautiful Pleasure Island yesterday afternoon and discovered the new bypass causeway open for business!  From the West Side the causeway begins near the Characters In Flight ticket booth and heads out over the mouth of The Waterfront towards the east.
Looking back to the west, one can see the width of the new pathway which Bill estimated to be 25ft.
So far there are no vendors or attractions along the boardwalk but there are nice views of Village Lake.
Up close and personal with BET Soundstage.  Concept art shows a new building in this spot that looks nothing like Soundstage, leading observers to believe this place is coming down.  But CM's on the Island say both Adventurers Club and Soundstage will be repurposed but not demolished.
Our article earlier this week included a picture from the top of Hill Street looking down onto this causeway door, connected to the Island by a ramp.  This is an opposite view looking at it from the causeway itself.
As we continue west, the causeway passes Paradiso 37.
The Pleasure Island water taxi station is once again open for business, offering nonstop service to Downtown Disney Marketplace and 1-stop service to House of Blues.
A look at how the new Island water taxi station is now situated.  The causeway is supposed to be temporary, creating a pathway around the heavy Island construction once it begins.  For now the causeway is optional as the traditional path across PI remains open.  Thanks again to "Bill from PA" for all these great photographs!


Jeff - Gainesville said...

I'm a little confused why they left the wall up between the walkway and P-37. You'd think they want people to see the thing since it's the only one on that side still open. Gesh!!!

KingBob said...

Good point.