Tuesday, November 12, 2013

PI Update: News On The March

One never knows what one's going to find when one crosses that bridge to Pleasure Island!

Nothing new to report in the space formerly occupied by Apricot Lane and PI Live Bar. Nor at 8TRAX. Interestingly, the new Downtown Disney Guidemap doesn't show the 8TRAX building at all, even though it's there, yet it does show the Apricot Lane building, even though it's not there! These are crazy times on the Island!

Of course Mannequins Dance Palace remains standing proudly, ready to crank-up the revolving dance floor for wildly-popular Electronic Dance Music!  (See Electric Daisy Carnival.)

Over at the Lilypad, a new stage has been installed for musical entertainment for acts such as Mitch Corbin and Nicholas Marks.  The DTD Times Guide refers to this area solely as "In Front of Fulton's Crabhouse."
Live entertainment continues outside BET Soundstage.  Over here they're not referring to this area as "In Front of BET Soundstage" though.  This is simply called West End Plaza.
Crossing the No. 4 Bridge back to the West Side!
The new Fit2Run has opened adjacent Curl by Sammy Duval.  Both shops are pleasantly large!
Wetzel's Pretzels has been gutted, ready to be turned into a Starbucks opening next Spring.
Finally, parking in Downtown Disney has become quite scarce with two large lots closed for construction, particularly on weekend afternoons and all evenings.  Free shuttle bus service is being offered from Team Disney and SunTrust, both located across Buena Vista Drive. I've always managed to find spaces in the N-Lot beside Cirque or the O-P-Q Lots beyond House of Blues.  Come on out and experience it all for yourself!


Jeff - Gainesville said...

Bout durn time they got a Starbucks at DTD. What has taken so long for that?

KingBob said...

I reckon ur rite!

Anonymous said...

Worst move by Disney EVER!!!
How do we get Mannequins open again?