Wednesday, November 6, 2013

PI Update: Island Bypass Nears Completion

The Pleasure Island Dock is closed and water taxi service is bypassing the Island.  How come?
Well let's follow the new Bypass causeway starting here where it begins (behind the Characters In Flight ticket office) and follow its path.
Initially the causeway crosses the mouth of The Waterfront and then passes around the closed Soundstage Club.
It then passes on the north side of Adventurers Club.
Between AC and Paradiso 37 there is a short connection to the Island.  I would imagine that this is for emergencies and maintenance only and would not normally be open. But the connection's location leads me to believe that the AC building won't be demolished.

And here's the reason the dock is closed.  The higher and wider causeway is built above where the pier was located!  I couldn't tell if the water taxi pier is still under there or whether it was removed. If the bypass causeway is truly temporary then it would make sense to keep the water taxi pier in place.
And here is where the causeway makes its connection back onto Pleasure Island.
This wall currently blocks access to the bypass from this side. In the future pedestrians coming off the causeway will at least initially be able to continue forward towards Mannequins & Raglan Road or turn right towards Paradiso 37. Once the bypass is operational then the No. 4 Bridge from the West Side can be closed and the demolition of Soundstage can begin.  It will then also allow them to remove the hill that makes up that entire west side of Pleasure Island


Anonymous said...

This is going to be interesting.

KingBob said...

It always is interesting....on Pleasure Island!