Saturday, November 30, 2013

PI Update: The First 24 Hours After PI Closed

Let's look back at beautiful Pleasure Island and those first 24-hours after the clubs closed!
PI fans know that the final parties took place on Saturday, September 27, 2008 with the clubs closing before 2am that night. (Except for Peapod & Cannalte at Mannequins who played-on until 2:30am!) Construction crews would waste no time though in eliminating some of the club names.  By Sunday night, this is what club Motion looked like.
And at 8TRAX the name had been wrapped over although you could still faintly see it under the cover.  The colorful design remained though and would be stay that way for a few more years.
What was odd though was the lack of effort to remove names at the other clubs.  The Mannequins Dance Palace signs were immediately removed from the club's marquee but the vertical metal Mannequins name remained on the building and Dance Palace remained on the marquee.
There was no effort to do anything with the signs at Soundstage Club.
Likewise the signs at Adventurers Club would remain visible for a few more years, as did the exterior artifacts.  "Arrive a stranger, leave a little stranger."
Comedy Warehouse signs remained up both on the side of the building (above) and also in front of the club.  It was not until months later when they decided to run the Celebrate Tonight shows in front of the CW building that they took down the front signs.  This sign on the side remained.
Last but not least was Rock'n'Roll Beach Club.  It actually closed in February, 2008, preceding the others by six months.  The jumping shark sign remained on the building's art work shown above until well-after the venue closed, when it too was finally taken down.  You can faintly see the outline of it above the wave.  Pleasure Island's club names then remained as described above until August, 2011 when all final traces of still-existing names were removed.  We'll have an article about that next week.

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