Monday, November 11, 2013

PI Update: Bypass Added To DTD Guidemap

Hadn't been out to Pleasure Island since the new bypass opened this past week so I knew I needed to personally experience it!  And the new Downtown Disney Guidemap now has the bypass causeway on it!  So let's check it out!  Eastbound, it begins here near Characters In Flight.
A high wall along the entire "Island" side of the causeway pretty much takes any perception that you're walking along the Pleasure Island shore and keeps you focused on the water side.  That one high wall on the left side is where the causeway takes you nearest the pier for the tethered balloon, preventing any drunken attempt at trying to jump over to it.
The Pleasure Island water taxi dock is located in a completely new location from where it used to be but does connect directly to the new causeway.
Looking back at the water taxi dock's new position.
After passing the dock, the causeway takes a southward turn and connects back to Pleasure Island near Paradiso 37Festival of the Masters was taking place this past weekend and there's a few other new things to report.  We'll have that article for you tomorrow morning.

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