Saturday, November 2, 2013

Club Reports: Ultimate Lounge, 180 Grey Goose Lounge

Friday night at Amway Center to catch the home opener for the Orlando Magic.  The Magic blew out the visiting New Orleans Pelicans 110-90!
One of the venues within the arena is the Ultimate Lounge, a place generally not open to the public without some of the more expensive seats.
And it's a great place to watch the home team head to the court or return for half time!
The Magic's #1 draft pick, Victor Olapido passing through!
Spotted: Former Magic star Tracy McGrady posing for the Blog!
Spotted: Leading Magic fan Sarah (The Rollins Girls).
Moving upstairs to 180 Grey Goose Lounge, which is open to the public with no cover charge.  During games or concerts it is open solely to those attending the event but once that event ends, anyone can come up!
DJ Johnny Quest was in the booth spinning House/Dance during my visit!
The place was wall-to-wall jammed!
People were dancing wherever they stood!
Yeah, it's not quite Red Sky Bar in Bangkok but it works for Orlando!
And on this Magic victory night, a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

Bob, you need to try and include song names if possible so we have an idea of what this guy was playing. ;)

Just sayin...

KingBob said...

I sometimes try to keep track in my head but then forget everything by the time I generate the article. The only way is to write them down but that's too much trouble!