Wednesday, October 2, 2013

This Weekend In Techno Town

FRIDAY OCT 4 - The big secret will be revealed this Friday night at Wall Street PlazaShine Bar, the dance club replacement for Slingapour's will be officially opening to the public at 10pm!  According to the Orlando Sentinel, Shine Bar will be a dance club with a look that incorporates industrial elements, steampunk mechanics, and an old moonshine warehouse.  Sounds a little bit like Mannequins.  We'll see if the DJ can deliver an experience better than what was delivered at Slingapour's. (FREE)
SATURDAY OCT 5 - This Saturday night at Amphitheatre in Ybor, DJ Markus Schulz (D) will be leading his followers dancing on the revolving dance floor to House, Dance & Trance. ($15) 

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