Saturday, October 26, 2013

PI Update: Fun On The Island

A beautiful night on beautiful Pleasure Island!
At Paradiso 37, DJ Exclusive City was playing Top 40 and had it cranked up real loud!
Who says there's no dancing on Pleasure Island!  Seriously though, P37 has been getting some large adult crowds dancing to their DJ's lately.
Meanwhile, Mannequins sits idle into its 6th year now.  We're getting to the point where I know Mannequins longer as a closed club than an open club!
No changes though beside Mannequins.  (Nothing new at 8TRAX either.)
The wall that blocks access to the construction staging area where Rock'n'Roll Beach Club and Motion used to stand now has a vehicle access door.  We're moving quickly to when the bypass bridge becomes operational and access up and down Hill Street will become blocked at Paradiso 37.  So come out and enjoy the Island while you can!


Jeff - Gainesville said...

What is the current take on P-37? It seems like they are going to great lengths to keep it open but isn't part of it on that incline that it appears that they are trying to do away with? It's a bit odd. Is there any rumor about it closing at any point?

KingBob said...

I have heard no rumors that there are plans to close Paradiso. Yes, it's on the Hill Street incline so I don't know how it fits in if they eliminate the hill. But Mannequins is built partly on the hill too.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Mannequins is the only club lit up, the fact that it even is lit up seeing how demolitions are taking place next door, seeing how the club is kinda gutted but not really in full... I think theres potential for Mannequins coming back.

Daisy said...

Geez....used to visit this blog that 8Trax is boarded up, it's gonna be bi-monthly. Always the eternal optimist, holding out hope that nightlife would outlast retail & dining was foolish.

KingBob said...

Anon, as long as it's there, there's hope!

Sorry Daisy, wish there was better news. But as I said above, as long as it's there, there's hope. They started to tear down 8TRAX and then stopped.