Thursday, October 24, 2013

Club Reports: Mother's, Spybar (Chicago)

Looking for some fun on a Wednesday night in Chicago and really not finding it!  Starting off the club search at long-standing dance club Mother's on Division Street downtown.
Unfortunately this was the only part of the club open last night; the actual large room with the dance club was dark.  A little bit of dancing.
And a little bit of karaoke!  This duo was singing a Spice Girls tune.
I've been to several dance clubs in Chicago the past few years and my definite favorite is Spybar!
Dedicated to House music, you won't find Hip Hop in this venue.  Last night DJ Sin was on the boards during my visit playing a mix of Top 40/Dance.
Revolving electric fish over the dance floor!
Unfortunately the dance floor itself remained empty during my visit, unlike last January when DJ Lauren Lane was playing here.  I'm told it gets pretty crowded on Wednesday nights around 1am but my visit to Chi-town was for business and I couldn't stick around that long. Spybar, Sound-bar, and Enclave, are among many clubs in the same River North area of downtown Chicago, all fairly close to each other.

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