Monday, October 14, 2013

Club Report: Maidream'in (Tokyo)

One of the fascinating club options in Tokyo that I noticed during my visit last month was this concept of "maid cafes".  During early evenings and later as one walked the streets of the Akihabra district, there were numerous girls handing out flyers for different maid cafes including the top one, Maidream'in.
Dressed in maid outfits, clunky loafers and white over-the-knee socks, they try to get passersby to go to their respective places of employment.  For some competing establishments the girls are dressed more Goth but they are always super-cute.
Attracting mostly males, they perform shows but also take food orders and serve as if they were the customer's personal maid. It evidently caters to the Japanese male desire to feel important in what is otherwise a very impersonal society. And while overtly sexual in nature, there is no sex and even no touching.
Sex in Japan is not constrained by a Christian history or morals.  So be sure to visit the 6-floors at the Tenga adult store for costumes and whatever else you might be looking for.
Other fun in Tokyo?  No matter when you turn on your television, you'll always find at least one channel of Sumo wrestling!
Japanese restaurants have amazing food displays in their windows, all made out of plastic.
Of course there are plenty of American brands too!  No wings though.
CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE And I can't say enough about push-button toilets.  Featuring heat, shower & bidet buttons, it truly can be said that when using this, a good time was had by all!

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