Thursday, October 31, 2013

Safety Dance

Take a look at this new music/dance Safety Briefing video that Virgin America will begin using tomorrow on their domestic flights.  It's definitely designed to get passengers to pay attention.....and I think it will work!  Virgin America operates daily nonstop service from Orlando International to LAX.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This Weekend In Techno Town

With Electric Daisy just one week away, a relatively slow weekend coming up in Techno Town:

October is coming to an end with the return of Quintino (NL) to Orlando.  He played here a year ago at EDC, working Afrojack's "Jacked Stage" along with other Dutch DJ's.  This year he's at Firestone Live.
($16 Advance)

Also Thursday night Tier Nightclub has DJ duo Dzeko & Torres (CDN) in the booth!  ($10-$20)
The best night of the year to party downtown because Daylight Savings Time ends at 2am, the clocks fall back to 1am and thus there's another hour to drink! (But not at Downtown Disney or CityWalk.)

One of the top DJ's in the world is playing this Saturday night at CFE Arena (formerly UCF Arena) and that's Benny Benassi (I)!
Benny! Benny! Benny! ($35-$39)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bar Reports: Bahama Breeze, Hollerbach's

No exciting news from Pleasure Island this past weekend so we'll take this moment to show some other activities we had taking place instead.  Let's go up to Seminole County for this.  In Altamonte Springs, Bahama Breeze is a great place to watch the late summer afternoon turn into evening!
Out on their patio, the perfect weather was nice for enjoying a cold drink, conversation and some background tropical Caribbean music!
Meanwhile a few exits up I-4 in downtown Sanford is Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe.
You can celebrate your own Oktoberfest anytime of the year with their live oompah band "Shunkel Abend" featuring Jimmy & Eckhard, performing Thursdays through Sundays.
Of course in a German bar it's all about the beer!  "Ein mehr Bier, bitte!"  A few of these and you can be sure that a good time will be had by all!

Monday, October 28, 2013

EDC Orlando 2013 Official Trailer

We're less than 2 weeks away from Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando!  Taking place at Tinker Field beside the Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium on November 8-9, this is the third annual EDC to take place in "Techno Town".  The trailer above includes numerous scenes filmed locally last year.  2-day General Admission tickets are $167.40, 2-day VIP tickets are $285.60 here.  However, you can save around $12 ($22 for VIP) by going in person to the Amway Center box office on Church Street. 1-day tickets might be offered closer to the event if the 2-day tickets don't sell out.  Hope to see you at EDC!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Concert Report: DJ Morgan Page (Firestone Live)

Great to be back at Firestone Live on a Saturday night!
Arriving to find the rapidly up-and-coming DJ Maor Levi (IL) in the booth which was last night brought down to floor level below the stage!
Nothing too experimental in his mix; straight-out House/Electrohouse hits one after another!
Which the rapidly-growing crowd appreciated!
Levi is part of Morgan Page's tour for the next month.
And he's a signed DJ/Producer for Anjunabeats record label.
Spotted backstage:  DJ/Producer Audien (USA), getting ready to head down to the booth.
And taking over around 11pm.
As the crowd continued to grow!
Audien played at Roxy last February.  His biggest hit is "Leaving You" ft. Michael S. The DJ booth was moved down so that Morgan Page's 3D video monitor wall could sit behind it.  But it brought the crowd much closer.  Typically the DJ booth at Firestone is a good 20ft. from the edge of the stage, making it often difficult to see who's playing.
Although his entire set featured vocals, there were a lot of unknown songs (to me) in the mix and he was truncating most of them whereas Levi played them out.
Spotted: Mr. & Mrs. Deadmau5.
Visiting with Morgan Page in the not-so-green Green Room.  He says tonight's concert in Gainesville has been cancelled because of some issues with the venue.  Looks like it was supposed to be held at Skate Station there, an odd choice to begin with considering the large number of clubs there that play EDM.
Finally the moment everyone was waiting for.  Put on those 3D glasses!
The twice Grammy nominated Electrohouse DJ Morgan Page (USA)!
And the music played while swirling graphics and words floated out into the club's space!  Not sure how they produced the 3D effect but it definitely worked!
Dancing in the lighting tech booth!
Hard to get pictures in the haze at this point!  Morgan Page has had a number of Dance hits the past few years, the most well-known being breakout song The Longest Road ft. Lissie (Deadmau5 Remix) and Fight  For You.
With this 3D concert tour taking place, he won't be at this year's Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando.  He played in Orlando at both other EDC's.
And as the music played-on, a good time was had by all!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

PI Update: Fun On The Island

A beautiful night on beautiful Pleasure Island!
At Paradiso 37, DJ Exclusive City was playing Top 40 and had it cranked up real loud!
Who says there's no dancing on Pleasure Island!  Seriously though, P37 has been getting some large adult crowds dancing to their DJ's lately.
Meanwhile, Mannequins sits idle into its 6th year now.  We're getting to the point where I know Mannequins longer as a closed club than an open club!
No changes though beside Mannequins.  (Nothing new at 8TRAX either.)
The wall that blocks access to the construction staging area where Rock'n'Roll Beach Club and Motion used to stand now has a vehicle access door.  We're moving quickly to when the bypass bridge becomes operational and access up and down Hill Street will become blocked at Paradiso 37.  So come out and enjoy the Island while you can!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Breaking News: Wetzel's Pretzels Has Closed!

Construction walls are up this evening and the Wetzel's Pretzels /Haagen -Dazs shop has closed.  Located in Downtown Disney West Side near the tethered balloon ride, it is to be converted into a Starbucks location.  We're told that they will be reopening in a new location further west on the West Side, although we don't know exactly where or when. To get your hot pretzel fix in the meantime, Wetzel's has an outdoor kiosk adjacent the Waterside Stage, Downtown Disney Marketplace.

PI Update: Fuego Demolished

It's difficult to take a picture of something that's not there so the fact this picture was taken at night really doesn't matter.  Fuego by Sosa Cigars is simply not there anymore!  It closed the night of September 30th and within a few days Disney issued a Notice of Commencement for the demolition of the building.  And now it's gone!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Club Reports: Mother's, Spybar (Chicago)

Looking for some fun on a Wednesday night in Chicago and really not finding it!  Starting off the club search at long-standing dance club Mother's on Division Street downtown.
Unfortunately this was the only part of the club open last night; the actual large room with the dance club was dark.  A little bit of dancing.
And a little bit of karaoke!  This duo was singing a Spice Girls tune.
I've been to several dance clubs in Chicago the past few years and my definite favorite is Spybar!
Dedicated to House music, you won't find Hip Hop in this venue.  Last night DJ Sin was on the boards during my visit playing a mix of Top 40/Dance.
Revolving electric fish over the dance floor!
Unfortunately the dance floor itself remained empty during my visit, unlike last January when DJ Lauren Lane was playing here.  I'm told it gets pretty crowded on Wednesday nights around 1am but my visit to Chi-town was for business and I couldn't stick around that long. Spybar, Sound-bar, and Enclave, are among many clubs in the same River North area of downtown Chicago, all fairly close to each other.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This Weekend In Techno Town

WEDNESDAY OCT 23  The weekend can begin as early as tonight!  The Attic is celebrating its 3rd Anniversary with DJ Don Diablo (NL) on hand. Resident DJ Bingo Balls opens.
Also tonight, new club Vanity is finally opening and you're invited.  Located upstairs above Vixen, Vintage and The Fifth.  Have heard no rumors about the music.
THURSDAY OCT 24 One of the big names in the early Dubstep scene was this guy and he's back in Orlando.  Datsik (CDN) is playing at Firestone Live.
Also Thursday night, Tier Nightclub is bringing in yet another EDM DJ; Ummet Ozcan (NL).  This club has suddenly moved strongly towards Electronic!
FRIDAY OCT 25  Did I say Tier Nightclub?  This Friday night they have the supercute DJ duo Rebecca & Fiona (S) on hand!  I got to see the blonde Swedes bouncing to the beat at Electric Daisy Carnival - Chicago this past May. This is sure to be a sell-out!
Friday night beginning at midnight (and thus technically Saturday morning), it's the Club 600 North Reunion in Ormond Beach at club RSVP Daytona.  Original DJ's will be there including Mark Sanchez (EPCOT Italy NYE), Jimmy Joslin (Ember Bar) and DJ KJ (Tabu Nightclub, Zanzibar)!  Arrive before 2am for lower admission and keep in mind this event will run all night!
SATURDAY OCT 26  The biggest event of the weekend, DJ Morgan Page (USA) brings his 3D Experience Tour to Orlando at Firestone Live. Opening for him are DJ's Maor Levi (IL) and Audien (USA).  Will be a sell out!
I got to see this guy play at Electric Daisy Carnival - Puerto Rico last year and in the sweaty heat of the San Juan waterfront, the last thing I would want to think of was a fur coat.  But that's just this guy's name.  DJ/Producer Fur Coat live at Sound Bar!
Last but never least, DJ Baby Anne (USA) is playing on Saturday night at Amphitheatre in Tampa. Resident DJ Doco opens!