Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tokyo DisneySea (Tokyo)

The Tokyo Disney Resort consists of two theme parks; Tokyo Disneyland and the Tokyo DisneySea.
The resort is easily assessable from anywhere in the city via the JR Keiyo Line to Maihama Station where you connect directly to the monorail.  Unlike Disney World, use of the monorail to go to either park requires the purchase of an extra ticket.
The entrance takes you through the Hotel Miracosta where many guest rooms look directly into the theme park.
And this is what you see upon arrival. WOW!
The most popular ride in the park is in that mountain, "Journey To The Center Of The Earth".
The very fast dark ride takes you deeper and deeper into the earth to see many surprises within!
The water ride "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" used to exist at Walt Disney World but it was a very low capacity submarine ride.
The version at DisneySea uses high capacity trains of bathyscaphes to take into the underwater world.  Just as lame as what they used to have here but worthwhile nonetheless.
Arguably the best ride in the park is "Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple Of The Hidden Skull".  It uses "Test Track" technology to zoom you through the movie.
Indy himself appears several times!
Guys in the park wore mostly t-shirts and jeans.  The girls were another story.  More than half dressed-up in some manner of Minnie Mouse ranging from just their hair..... even more themed.
The evening ended with Tokyo's version of the water show Fantasmic, a really spectacular musical performance on the park's lagoon which far exceeds the show at DHS. It's kind of a cross between Wishes and World of Color and definitely worthwhile.  My only complaint about the park is the lack of DisneySea merchandise.  Nearly everything mentioned Tokyo Disney Resort but rarely Tokyo DisneySea.  But other than that, Tokyo DisneySea goes onto my list as a Top 5 theme park!


zulemara said...

according to Disney Legend Bob Gurr, "Tokyo Disney Sea is the best theme park we have ever built"

KingBob said...

Well the scenery is certainly spectacular and there's a great selection of rides not found in other Disney parks.