Sunday, September 8, 2013

PI Update: Causeway Continues To Grow

Night or day, it's always reassuring to arrive at Downtown Disney and see the Pleasure Island signs all lit up!  It means there's still hope.
The No. 5 Bridge continues to stretch further and further towards its destination.  Beginning behind the Characters In Flight ticket booth, it wraps its way around the waterside of BET Soundstage and Adventurers Club.

Demolition walls on the landside will block views of whatever demolition and construction takes place over there.  There is also a blocking wall there on the waterside to take away any temptation for someone to jump off the bridge and onto the tethered balloon's launching platform.
You can see here that the pedestrian/stroller causeway already stretches past Adventurers Club.
And will soon come past Paradiso 37and connect to the Pleasure Island water taxi pier.

And a good time was being had by all!
Meanwhile on the other side of the Island, prep work is underway for the first of two new Parking Garages to be built, this one where parking lots J/K were located.
You can see where the original pavement was located and now dug up. Progress is slowly being made!  We just don't know for what.


Munchies said...

maybe for the disney fiscal budget to begin on Oct 1?

Anonymous said...

If the Pleasure Island sign is still on, and the lights are still shining maybe there's still hope.
P.S. A new year is coming, hopefully for P.I. Nightclubs.

KingBob said...

Munchies, good point. But other construction continues so it would seem odd for that to be the reason.

Anon, there's still HOPE!