Sunday, September 29, 2013

Club Reports: Thee Grotto, Prime Nightclub

What if you hosted a party and no one came because you forgot to send the invitations. Would it still be a party? Such was the case last night at Thee Grotto
They had the legendary DJ duo of Rob E.....
.....and Security.  But with just a couple days of advance notice of the event, no one knew about it and only a handful came out. Private message to Thee Grotto: Put events on your website and Facebook page a week ahead of time, please.
Over to the new Prime Nightclub on Church Street where Loft55 previously was located.
They had DJ PopRoXxX (Splitsville, KingsBowl, The Other Bar, The Groove) in the booth for the first couple hours, spinning a fix of Top 40/Dance, Hip Hop, 90's hits and later on, more House.
His high-energy mix did finally draw people to the dance floor!
Just in time for another legend, the fiery-eyed DJ Irene Pardo (Dub Factory) to take over around 12:45am!
First time I finally got to see her play as I kept missing her shows over the past few years.
Prime had a decent crowd last night but not anywhere near as crowded as their opening weekend we were invited to a few weeks back.
The dance floor and VIP areas did see some dance moves taking place.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Her loud set of House/Tech House blew the place up!  Very impressive!
A good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

OMG turntables! NOOOOOOOOOOO but wait you said it was good? MP3what?

Anonymous said...

Just control vinyl for Serato. Nothing new here...

KingBob said...

Correct. I don't understand what those "records" do or how they control anything, but that's what they are.

Anonymous said...

well that STINKS!! thought we had REAL DJ OPPS!