Friday, September 6, 2013

Club Reports: Splitsville, Prime Nightclub, Suite B Lounge

We had heard that the Thursday night Disney Castmember party at Splitsville was doing pretty good so why not go check it out?
Good to see DJ DJ PopRoXxX (The Other Bar, The Groove) on the boards as he was when the venue opened at Downtown Disney West Side last December.
While he was spinning, bowlers continued to bowl.
And drinkers continued to drink.
PopRoXxX says that they're back to having DJ's at Splitsville on Thursday and Saturday nights. Do people dance?  Yes, he says that line dances are very popular and also after 1am when there's a good crowd, the ladies will come on up onto the dance floor!
Received a special invitation to attend the first night of new club Prime in downtown Orlando.  It's in the spot where Loft55 was located.
DJ Justin James (Rok Room, Roxy Nightclub) was in the corner booth playing Hip Hop.
The place was absolutely packed!
The dance floor area was jamming too!
Between the manufactured smoke and the cigarette smoke, it was hard to see inside the place.  But what I did see looked exactly like Loft55.  And if that place didn't succeed, what makes them think this will do any better?
The switch to all Hip Hop at Loft55 didn't save them either.
All EDM, all the time: Suite B Lounge!
Opening DJ's Sage Bzbrenzo & Skylar on the decks when I arrived around midnight.
The music was all non-vocal House music and the place was already crowded.
On the far right, guest DJ Stefano Noferini (I) taking over around 12:30 this morning!
And more Euro-style House music!
The place was even more packed by then and people were either dancing on the dance floor or where they were standing!
The music was again all non-vocal although there was one song where every so often the words "She's hot" was sung!  All the music had a great vibe.
And as you can see, a good time was being had by all!


Dj Smooth said...

I use some of Stefano's tracks for my Frequency mixshow from time to time. Would LOVE to see Block & Crown come to an Orlando club but not likely to happen.

KingBob said...

Stefano played an impressive set and he was super friendly too!

Readers, you can hear DJ Smooth's "Frequency" mixshow on on Saturday nights at midnight ET.

Anonymous said...

It is still pretty sad to see Pleasure Island dead of any adult nightlife.
Splitsville, the way I see it is nothing but a big bowling alley.
I sure do hope that they open some new night clubs for adults at P.I. .

KingBob said...

Don't give up hope!