Saturday, September 28, 2013

Club Report: Suite B Lounge

Friday night at Suite B......NLP in the house!
With DJ K8te working the box office!
DJ Pedro Vazquez (Silly Grape) kicking off the night with a bunch of Breaks!
And DJ's Beni Hill & J-Dub following with more of the same and a lot of Old School too!
Really taking things up a notch, DJ Matrix giving the room a very-AAHZ vibe with more classics!
NLP MC Marybeth keeping the patrons informed!
And there were lots of patrons!  Place was packed.
Dance floor stayed full from early until late.
Plenty of energy in the room!
NLP's technical coordinator and VJ Og Wolf visiting with a friend!
Star of the night DJ Sharaz (USA) taking control at 1am.
Mixing more Old School Classic Dance with Breakbeats.
Spotted: DJ Vitamin C (Silly Grape) hanging around the stripper pole with Pedro Vazquez.
Spotted: Sarah (The Rollins Girls) making sure the pole works!
Sarah visiting with DJ Supagroover (NLP)!
And really......a good time was had by all!

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