Monday, August 26, 2013

PI Update: Remembering Celebrate Tonight

Since we've been chatting about Pleasure Island post-closure of the clubs, thought we'd look at some photos from that period too.  As mentioned, PI became a dead zone after the clubs closed in September, 2008.  It was off-season so there were already fewer people around to begin with.  And for pedestrians headed from the Marketplace to the West Side, there was nothing once they walked past Raglan RoadParadiso 37 (above) was still under construction, everything was closed and at night it was downright
The PI Live DJ booth was quickly redeployed to bring some music to the area; for awhile they even deployed some magicians to work the area to get people to stop.
Walt Disney World's theme for 2009 was "Celebrate Today".
And at Pleasure Island in April of that year, that beget "Celebrate Tonight"!
Initially the ground crew's job was to ask passersby "What are you celebrating?" Too many people simply kept walking, not wanting to get involved with a DJ holding a microphone.  But there were also games offered.  Most popular though were the line dances such as the "Cupid Shuffle" above.
When the weather was pleasant they were able to attract crowds.  But in the hot summer of 2009 and the cold days of winter 2009/2010 there were days when the "crowd" sometimes consisted of a handful of pre-teens at best.  In February, 2010 we noticed that CT was no longer listed in the Downtown Disney Guidemap and mentioned it here.  
It took a a few months until they officially announced it but in June, 2010 Celebrate Tonight held its final shows.
The final crew included DJ G-Clef (second from the right) who we see occasional at CityWalk.
To keep the Island lively, CT was replaced with their unnamed "ultra lounge" concept which consisted of musical acts such at the Andre Caram Band ft. Drey-C (above).  Initially in July, 2010 they worked off the bricks but ultimately they brought in the raised platform Purple and Green Stages. With this area now demolished for Disney Springs construction, the Island is now a narrow corridor of demolition walls.  We hope whatever comes was worth the 5-8 year wait.


Anonymous said...

Disney, people want clubs.

KingBob said...

They know quite well what people want. What Disney plans to actually deliver is the mystery. Disney faces more competition than ever for the adult entertainment dollar. CityWalk has been improving their product. On nearby International Drive the new I-Drive Live will have evening adult offerings and Mango's is under construction. Downtown Orlando may soon be offering alcohol to 3am. And if the Orlando Magic build their huge new project, wow!

Sara Padovani said...

Recently we heard about the closing of Fuegos. We started a facebook to help save it. In case you are interested here is the link

We are also asking everyone to email Disney and let them know what a mistake this would be.

Anonymous said...

Never mind Fuego's, we need to save the night clubs.
Because as King Bob has said City Walk is making more improvments, and making the money.
Disney had better get on the band wagon, and smell the coffee.

Anonymous said...

Much like the Holy Roman Empire, the "Ultra Lounge" thing was neither ultra nor a lounge. Another blown concept at DTD.

Anonymous said...

As an avid nonsmoker, I would never go to Fuego. But I do think the concept has value for cigar smokers and I like the idea of a classy lounge with top shelf scotches and other liquor. I think the concept fit well even with the new upper scale The Landing. So I am curious why they're closing. Does anyone know? So I can see why the blog would be interested I'm saving it. However I also believe right now a huge push should be made for Mannequins Dance Palace and wish the blog would concentrate on that.

71 said...

Anonymous at 10:50 for the win.

I'll say it again, as dumb/hokey a concept as it was, the DJs and "party activators" of Celebrate Tonight always gave 100% and more often than not managed to polish that turd into something resembling a diamond--or at least a really fun cubic zirconium.