Monday, August 26, 2013

PI Update: Petition To Save Fuego

It may be too late, but one of our readers posted a link to a newly created Facebook page trying to get petition signatures to save the Fuego by Sosa Cigars bar on Pleasure Island.  Last April Save Pleasure Island was the first to announce that Fuego was closing when their lease expired, supposedly this month. The reader posted her Comment in that article but unfortunately few would see it there because it's so many pages back.  Instead, we're bringing her information forward and you can find the link here.


KingBob said...

Apparently the closure date for Fuego is September 29th at 11:59pm.

sara padovani said...

Thank you so much for this. We are doing everything we can to reach out to Disney so Fuegos can stay open. We will continue until September 29th at 11:59 pm lolz. If you know of any other websites we can post on please let us know. Thank you again