Friday, August 23, 2013

PI Update: Island Musings

With Comedy Warehouse demolished and Laffers Cantina demolished, is the former location of Curl by Sammy Duval next?  And how about the Lombard Promenade hill adjacent the building?
Construction continues on the lot adjacent the Cirque du Soleil building, supposedly a future Castmember or Imagineer building.
The video posted earlier this week shows a new #4 Bridge from the West Side to Pleasure Island that does not have any grade to it.  The photo above shows how the current bridge rises as it carries foot traffic across to the Island.  But if the Island is going to be one level without the hill, the bridge won't need to set at an angle anymore.
Whoa!  Maybe that isn't an optical illusion and the side door to Mannequins really is open! Party!!


Anonymous said...

Is the CURL building the one that used to feature the big Jessica Rabbit sign??

Anxious to see what questions this next phase of demolition answers....

DJMadManRay said...

No, the Curl building was the one next to 8Trax, next to "Lombard Street".

Anonymous said...

Are there any up to date demolition pictures? have they just stopped after CW?

Anonymous said...

Could someone please remind me which all buildings were attached to Mannequins? And was the Curl building where the castmember part of Mannequins was or was curl in a different spot? Also, one more question. If you are looking at Mannequins from the parking lot side, was 8Trax on the back side of Mannequins? Thank you.

KingBob said...

The Jessica Rabbit sign was on the building that currently houses Fuego by Sosa Cigars. At the time it housed Jessica's of Hollywood.

In the current round of demolitions, Comedy Warehouse and Laffers Cantina have been removed.

These places are attached to the Mannequins Dance Palace building are technically considered the same building:
1) 8TRAX formerly The Cage formerly Videopolis East.
2)Curl by Sammy Duval formerly Superstar Studios.
3) Apricot Lane formerly Orlando Harley Davidson formerly Changing Attitudes.

Anonymous said...

The whole situation of P.I. looks empty and sad.
You would think they would try to fix up 8Trax, and Mannequins and have some kind of nightlife for the adults.
P.S. Sad to think City Walk is getting all the money and fun.