Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Party Cruise Option

Genting Group is a Malaysian company that has been trying to gain legislative approval to build a world-class resort and casino complex in downtown Miami, a plan that has yet to find success.  So for now they've built a much smaller casino on Bimini Island in the Bahamas called Resorts World Bimini and have begun ferry service to it from the Port of Miami.  But this is no tiny ferry boat; this is a huge cruise ship sized high speed vessel named Bimini Super Fast.  And they're offering a party cruise experience on weekend nights featuring DJ's from Miami!  For instance, DJ Cardi (Club Space, Pangea) is playing tonight, DJ Irie (Miami Heat, Passion Nightclub, The Groove) is coming soon, etc.

The night cruise departs Miami at 10pm and arrives in Bimini at 1am.  Although it's possible to get off, most partiers will stay on board for the Bimini departure at 3am, arriving back in Miami at 6am.  These weekend cruises are just $79 per person return plus tax, allowing you to party all night. The fare includes dinner and breakfast buffets! Optional cabins start at $50 per cabin with 1-4 berths including an en suite bathroom. Please note that since this is not a closed-loop cruise, a passport is required.  Hope to give this a try sometime!


EasyEddy said...

Good information!, Thx! Was in the greater Orlando area the last few days. If it wasn't hot as blazes, it was raining cats & dogs.

Anonymous said...

It never rains here in Orlando, just liquid sunshine, and, Hot, well, alright. Hot as Hell!

Abeera Jasmeen said...

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