Sunday, August 4, 2013

Club Reports: Vixen Bar, Independent Bar, Firestone Live

Saturday in da citi, beginning the evening at Vixen Bar.
DJ Channels in the booth playing mostly House mixed with some Dubhouse.
Place was pretty jammed and people were dancing where they were drinking!
This is another one of those places that has remained true to EDM over the years thanks to the owner and DJ Justin Faze.
Overdue for a visit to downtown favorite Independent Bar.
Lighting Tech Ernie & DJ Indie John located where they belong on a Saturday night!
A fine looking crowd dancing to 80's New Wave/Old Wave!
And the dance floor here too was jammed during my hour-long visit.
Moving on to the largest venue in downtown Orlando, Firestone Live.
For DJ Shogun (USA), playing O-town for the first time ever.
The place was completely jammed too!
Lots of nitrogen-infused spraydowns!
It was difficult to move about the place!
Spotted in VIP:  DJ Cyberian Soundz (Orlando Trance Movement, Suite B Lounge, Bikkuri Lounge) with friend.
Shogun putting out an incredible House/Trance set of mostly songs you'd recognize from Dance radio stations.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Shogun is the first ever DJ of Asian descent to be signed by Armada Music, the label co-founded by Armin van Buuren (NL)!
Backstage fun!
I think the crowd size was triple compare to the number attending for DJ Dave Aude' (USA) last Saturday night.
Shogun really blew the place up though last night!  Paul van Dyk (D) plays here this Thursday night!

And a good time was had by all!

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