Sunday, August 25, 2013

Club Reports: Underground Public House, Avenue Gastropub, Ono Nightclub, Suite B Lounge

First visit last night to check out the newly opened Underground Public House, the British sports pub that seems anything but British inside.
Found DJ Gonzo (Ember, Backstage, Finnhenry's) in the centrally-located DJ booth playing Top 40.
It's a bar rather than a dance club but considering it's brand new, it was crowded.
The televisions were tuned to American football last night but they promise more British fare such as soccer, rugby and cricket as events come up!  Nice place.
We've reported on Avenue Gastrobar previously when it first opened, another new bar with food rather than a club.
At the rear, DJ Mickey Bono (Beat Thrillerz, RadioDanz, Bliss Ultra Lounge, Loft55, K5) spinning Top 40/Dance to the jammed crowd.
This is located where Senso and Zinc Bar used to be but those turned into dance clubs at night but that does not seem to be the direction Avenue is going.
Lots of Gators in the crowd as the SEC Pub Crawl passed through!
Even more changes on Orange Avenue as Ono Nightclub has opened where club 1 South used to be!
In the large booth found DJ Andres R (Senor Frogs, Don Jefe's, The Attic) putting out House, Top 40 & Latin.
The dance floor is large and pretty crowded.
With a fine looking crowd.
Never made it in here during it's prior club life so I can't compare the two but it's a pretty impressive facility inside reminiscent of Tier Nightclub which is right behind it.
There's a large upstairs with good views of the action below.
And an overall good vibe.  Definitely worth a visit.
Last stop of the night to hear some real House music at favorite Suite B Lounge!
Arriving to find DJ's Fobia (Backroom) and Leo Montoya (Dub Radio, Backroom) in the booth doing just that.....House!
Taking turns with DJ's Nastya Mik (RUS) and Anna Tedeschi (HN) and more House!
Lots of people dancing last night!
Largest crowd I've seen in here since Kimball Collins (USA) a couple years ago!
Leo doing the bongos to the beat!
The music was a mix of songs with and without vocals.
Nastya Mik also plays occasionally at the weekly Friday Russian Standard night at Rok Room.
Really fun night.  And a good time was had by all!

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