Friday, August 2, 2013

Club Reports: Latin Quarter @ Red Coconut Club, The Groove

Thursday night at CityWalk!  It wasn't particularly crowded last night but I was only there until midnight. Lot of people walking up to Latin Quarter and learning for the first time that it's closed.
But LQ's dance party lives on, merely shifted over to Red Coconut Club on Thursday & Saturday nights!
With resident DJ Leony (Latin Quarter, The Fifth, Sirius/XM BPM, RadioDanz) in his new home at the front of the club.
The crowd was quickly growing during my visit.  Thursday is still Ladies Night.
Leony now comes on at 10:30pm and plays until 2am!
RCC is smaller than LQ so it will be interesting to see how the place can handle the crowds.
Spotted: DJ Bacardi  (The Groove) down on the floor!  Bacardi opens for DJ Mondo tomorrow night at The Groove!
Spotted in VIP, DJ Willie (8TRAX, Celebrate Tonight, Atlantic Dance Hall, Stitch's Club 626 Dance Party, The Groove)!
Speaking of Celebrate Tonight, for a moment I thought that I was there again when I spotted this stilt-walker!
Over to The Groove to check things out!
DJ King (Motion, Rock'n'Roll Beach Club, BET Soundstage, PI Live) down on the dance floor teaching dancers how to do  "TheWobble"!  Some day I will finally learn it.
A light crowd on hand but hardly empty.
The music was a mix of Hip Hop & EDM.
The place will be packed tomorrow night for DJ Mondo playing House/Dance!
And as Calvin Harris' "Sweet Nothing" was played, a good time was had by all!

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