Monday, August 12, 2013

California Blog Viewers Capture 2nd Place!

Flag Counter:

2.California11,904August 12, 2013
3.New York11,898August 11, 2013
4.New Jersey7,531August 12, 2013

Most viewers of the Save Pleasure Island Blog are from Florida, as one would expect.  New York state has always provided the second highest number of viewers but earlier today California, which had been steadily gaining on New York, moved into second place!  I wonder why there would be so many viewers from California concerned about a nightclub complex in Orlando. 

The Flag Counter supposedly only counts a visitor one time since it places a cookie on a visitor's computer and recognizes that person's later return.  Certainly anyone who clears their cookies regularly would get counted additional times.  As to the number of hits we've had, Blogger keeps it's own count and it's approaching 600,000.  More than a half-million visits to check on Pleasure Island.  Amazing!

The articles with the most readership?  Last week's exclusive photos of the interior of Mannequins has taken the prize, besting the previous champion article from a few years ago when we posted exclusive blueprints of Hyperion Wharf.  Most articles get readers when they're new but then fade away into history.  A surprising article that even today consistently gets high viewership was one done in early 2012 that had to do with DJ's Zedd (D) and Zed's Dead (CDN).  Apparently a lot of people wonder if they're one and the same (they're not) and use search engines to find out.  The Blog article explained the differences between the two in a tounge-in-cheek manner and if you "google" the two names, our article pops up.  Even 1.5 years later that article delivers over 300 viewers per week.

But our focus remains on Pleasure Island.  We're beyond trying to save it; all we can do is continue to tell you about it.  You've heard that misery loves company.  Psychiatrists have long-known that in reality, misery loves miserable company.  And we're all miserable.  Thanks for reading.


DJMadManRay said...

And, I will continue to read. Thanks for everything you do and report on Bob!

Anonymous said...

If we have anything left to hope for it is to save Mannequins Dance Palace.

KingBob said...

You're welcome, Ray. Thanks for your assistance.

As long as Mannequins stands, there is still a sliver of hope!
If you can wish it......

Anonymous said...

Disney says Dreams Come True. I'm wIshing upon a star for Mannequins Dance Palace.