Tuesday, July 2, 2013

PI Update: More Trailers Arrive

For those who remember the days when they used to have huge fireworks shows off Pleasure Island, please be aware that at one time they also used to have huge dance clubs too.
Out in Downtown Disney's Parking Lot Q, more construction/office trailers have been added.  First there was one, then there were two.....and now there are four!  We're told management and cast members from Entertainment, formerly located beneath Celebration Plaza, are housed in there.  Indeed, spotted one of those red "human statues" come out of Wardrobe here and travel via a golf cart all the way over to his stage in Keith's Park in front of Pollo Campero, Downtown Disney Marketplace.
A picture of the newly opened location for Curl by Sammy Duval. They occupy one of two outparcels located in the Splitsville building with the other apparently still available for lease.  Until two weekends 
ago, Curl was located on beautiful Pleasure Island.
Hoping all this rain that Orlando has been having is driving some business to Splitsville.  Apparently things have been slow enough that they're mailing out a 20% multiple-use discount "Summer Pass" to locals, valid Monday-Thursdays.  And it's not only a discount on bowling and billiards, but also on food, beverage and retail!
With Curl now gone and not counting the small logo store inside Raglan Road, Apricot Lane becomes the last retail store on the Island.  It's slated to close sometime in August. Part of the Mannequins building but separate, it could be demolished too.


Anonymous said...

oh boy BUT didn't you (and others) say the Mannequins and or 8TRAX building not be taken down? because of the power grid? inside (part of the building)?

I told you IT could/would be torn down! if Disney wanted to gone! and was also said JUST in the last few weeks that because it was pictured in the NEW drawings it would stay! HMMM I said they had it in the drawings to show you where it WAS! to give you a point to understand where things are going to be!
and or like I said also this is just the 1st drawing/concept! that things change with the way Disney is!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,
You are very good at pointing out they were wrong and you were right. Except... Nothing has been torn down yet, so it is possible, just possible, you could be wrong and others right. Only Disney knows for sure and they aren't talking.

KingBob said...

Anon #1, The Blog publishes the info that it has and there is no agenda to cover up information because it conflicts with the past.
During earlier versions of what was to become of Pleasure Island, Mannequins was not coming down because it does house the power grid to the Island. But Disney Springs is a much broader concept than anything advanced previously and it MIGHT require an enhanced electrical system. If that's the case and they have to build an entirely new one, then that does make Mannequins a candidate for demolition. But you being told 3 years ago that Mannequins is coming down was wrong when you were told it. And as Anon #2 has stated, it may be wrong now too.

A construction wall does not currently surround Mannequins, only 8TRAX and the old Curl.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2 I also said ONLY Disney knows WAY back!! WAY way way back! and they will change their minds tons of times! and MAYBE disney does this to make sure Nobody but them knows whats going on till they do?

just funny my "source" told me this way back about the buildings going down! and that Mannequins has been gutted!

and IF I tick you off that was not my intention! just posting what I heard! just like most have?! rumor! possible truth? the REAL 100% truth only Disney knows! and will most likely never say

and IF I am wrong then HEY I am wrong? can or will anyone else admit that?

Anonymous said...

Must! use! more! exclamation! marks! :p